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Watching the Game at Liberty Commons

Grabbing dinner before heading to a party, I was glad I made reservations on Open Table. For 1, there was a Raptors game AND a Leafs game on that night. For 2, my friend has an allergy to onions. An uncommon allergy, but I knew it could be a challenge for the chef, so I wanted them to know ahead of time since onions seem to be in everything, even ketchup! If someone in your party has an allergy, Open Table allows you to put a note for the restaurant, so they are prepared and everything runs smoothly. 

A short walk from Exhibitions Station, we arrived, were seated and served some yummy beer. I grabbed a pint of their Traditional Brown Ale(half pint $5); love a malty beer. With that, I went for the Black Bean Burger($17). Burger was a little mushy and needed more black beans, but it had a very tasty sweet potato patty with avocado. Their fries were on point...I know this because my friends kept eating them. :P 
  As someone with no allergies, I didn't realize how hard it is to eat at a restaurant. Since I had let them know ahead of time, they had prepared some choices for my friend. I was impressed. The chef was very creative with the substitutions so much that the rest of almost ordered what she got. She went with the Haida Gwaii Tuna Bowl($23) where the chef replaced the guac with pureed avocado and the sesame ginger dressing with an apple vinaigrette. Doesn't that sound amazing?! It must have tasted amazing because she wouldn't share. ;) 
The service was great. He was delightful and had definitely handled allergies before. The food arrived fresh and hot and the beer arrived fresh and cold.  
TVs everywhere to watch sports 
Tell them about allergies 
Beer is good 
Fries are awesome 
Can't wait to go back and relax on their patio! 

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