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Egyptian Brunch at Maha's

If I said Maha's Egyptian Brunch wasn't busy and there was absolutely no line, I'd be lying. 

Amy (@carbs.and.cocktails) invited me for brunch on the east side and I was totally in! Once she realized I could not say no to brunch, she suggested going during the week. Weekday brunch? Is that a thing? I would soon find out!
On a Friday afternoon, we played hooky from work and made our way to Maha's. She warned me that there was always a line and they don't take reservations. I mean, a line up on a Friday afternoon for brunch? Really? REALLY. Weekday brunch IS a thing.
The line didn't look long, but the small restaurant was packed. The line up is outside, so make sure you're prepared for any type of weather and maybe even bring snacks. We waited in line for an hour! 
Was it worth it? Damn right it was worth it. 
The Honey Cardamom Latte(L $5.75) made my heart smile...and a little latte art never hurt nobody.  
Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs, so we ordered extra and shared. Maha's Mind Blowing Chicken($16), Cumin Home Fries($6) and Shakshuka($15) are what we were dying for. After ordering we saw other plates being brought to tables and were tempted to ask what they were; everything looked so good and the portions were huge! 
cumin homefriesmind blowing chicken
The chicken would be considered click bait on any other platform, but in food form, the hype is real. A mountain of marinated chicken mixed with parsley, tomatoes, onions smothered in tehina and homemade mayo; somewhere in all that is an egg bun. I had no idea it was actually a sandwich until I hit bun. DO NOT TRY TO EAT IT LIKE A SANDWICH.
I'd never tried Shakshuka before, but I'd definitely order it again. The eggs were flawless; Maha is right when she says the simplest ingredients are the best. So so tasty! The side of cumin home fries might have put us over the edge, but we couldn't stop eating them.  
The service was great. Not incredibly fast because they are so busy, but friendly and warm, like you are a part of the family.  
The chicken really is mind blowing 
Get the honey cardamom latte 
Eggs are the best in all forms 
Service with a smile 
I'd wait in line for brunch at Maha's again, but I'd bring snacks!

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