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Eat Food Fast with Miss Fresh

Miss Fresh was next on my list of food services to try out. Your first order is $32 for 3 meals for 2 people. I picked my meals and anxiously awaited my delivery or there’s the option to pick up at local grocery stores, like Metro, which I really liked.  

First dish I made was Lentil Soup. Sounds boring, but it was fantastic. I immediately smelled cinnamon after putting the spice packet into the pot. As it heated, the aromas of cardamom and turmeric filled the room. As a bonus, this soup is really easy to make. When Miss Fresh says all meals take 30 minutes or less, they mean it. Even though I’m slow at everything, this was ready pretty quickly.  (I used the whole can. You're not the boss of me!)
Next up was Chipotle Shrimp Tacos. I’m not comfortable cooking seafood, which is why I chose this one. The avocado wasn’t ripe, so cooking the shrimp was actually easier than making the guacamole! The coleslaw was dry, but adding lime juice to it helped. In the end, the coleslaw was just filler and the chipotle seasoned shrimp are what really shined in this dish. This was tasty, but could’ve used more sour cream with it......Miss Fresh underestimates how much I love sour cream. 
Lastly, I cooked up some Smoked Paprika Chicken Rice. The chicken breasts sent were HUGE. I had to slice them before frying instead of after. That’s where the good stuff ends for this one. The rice, even though had cooked in smoked paprika, was bland. There was no seasoning for the chicken, so that was blah as well. Celery was the only ingredient giving this recipe a little oomph!  
Miss Fresh was good, but there’s a few improvements to be made. I don't like that I can’t pick 2 meals/week for 2 people; it’s a lot of food for 1 person to eat in a week. The recipes list what is not included in the box and how much, like water, but on the instruction side, it doesn’t tell you how much! I had to keep flipping the card over to see how much olive oil, butter and water I needed to add.  

The recipes really are easy and take no time at all, even when you’re slow, like me. Out of all the food services I’ve tried so far, this one had the least amount of waste. Most of the larger ingredients were loose in the box and only the small quantity ones, like garlic and spices, were put together in a small, labeled bag.  

A good experience; I’d try them again. 


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