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A Japanese Twist at Godspeed Brewery

A little late on posting this, but here it is. 😛 

Patios and beer were made for each other; Godspeed Brewery has both! After hearing rave reviews about their food and beer, I was destined to visit.  

Easily accessed by TTC or driving, this brewery is a small venue that feels big with high ceilings and large windows. It has long tables to share and make new beer friends as well as open roll up doors when the weather is tiptop. Their minimalistic décor keeps it classy. 
Godspeed doesn’t do flights, but you can get half pints or full. They offer a wide selection, so you will find a brew you like. I enjoy their take on German style beers, like dunkels and hefeweizens. They add a Japanese spin, with fruit or smoke, bringing an interesting layer of flavour to their beer. In addition to beer, they also serve wine, cider and craft soda, so don’t let the brewery aspect intimidate you, if you’re not into beer. 
Now that drinks are squared away, it’s time for food. Some of the portions are small and some are large, so order accordingly. I ordered edamame and karaage. Both were excellent and large portions! The edamame was lightly salted and shareable. The karaage was crisp and not greasy and so good, it's not shareable. These juicy morsels went down easy with a pint of Aki, a smoked dunkel weizen 

Service was good and the rest of the patrons there were all having a good time. A few tables with large and small groups as well as couples and friends just grabbing a pint. Love this venue! Will be back! 


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