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Feeling Like a Chef with Chef's Plate

After returning from vacation and having no food in the house, made this the perfect time to give Chef’s Plate a try. They offer 4 different plans with different meal quantities, Classic(starting at $49), Family(starting at $78), 15 Minute(starting at $57) and Vegetarian(starting at $49). Chef's Plate looks for local ingredients and also donates meals to Second Harvest. Yay!
Let's start with the Two Cheese Mushroom Cannelloni. Clear instructions were making me feel pretty fancy. Chopping was minimal; not enough to irritate me. I found the mushroom filling could’ve used the salt I so rudely deprived it of. My bad. I was given 6 tubes, but only used 5 because I was filling cannelloni while hungry. I would’ve liked more tomato sauce...but who wouldn't? I LOVED the sun-dried pesto dressing! The recipe said to add oil, so I used toasted sesame oil. Yum! I really enjoyed this meal! 
Next was the Sweet Potato Chowder – 15min meal. Challenge Accepted!
Everything came chopped and ready to go. Sweet potato chunks were a little too big, bigger than bite sized, but who cares? I didn't have to cut them! It was hearty and made excellent leftovers. The pretzel buns were ok, a little heavy, but added a new texture to the meal. The fresh cilantro really brought it together. If you don’t like cilantro...you’re wrong. :P I’d make this again...even if I had to chop everything up myself. 
 Lastly, I made Stir-Fried Chicken Low MeinI’m a little slow at chopping veggies but, starting the water boiling at the beginning made me have to refill the pot when it was noodle time. Oops! The recipe says the noodles take 1-3min; I'm not used to pasta cooking so quickly! This dish had the perfect amounts of noodles, meat and veggies. The chicken could’ve used some seasoning, but still pretty good. If I made it again, I wouldn’t have added the water to the honey katsu sauce the recipe calls for because it didn't need it. I was not hungry later and that is a win. Very balanced meal!  
TL;DR. I'd get Chef’s Plate again. The delivery came to my condo when I wasn’t there AND couldn’t buzz them in, but that box was sitting at my door when I got home, good and cold. NICE! Excellent instructions on recipes and they really tried to cut down on as much waste as possible; any veggies that naturally have their own ‘case’ was not put in its own bag. I read the following week’s recipes, but only saw 1 or 2 I’d like, but there’s always the option to skip. Also, I saw in the preferences, it’s easy to pause your subscription as well or change the amount of meals you want that week. I like that.

If you know another food service company I should try, send me your referral link via Twitter @notjustfoodto!

If you'd like to try Chef's Plate, this link will give you 3 free plates. 


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