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Goodfoods Was More S'OKfoods.

I was getting bored of the meals I was preparing at home and decided to try one of the food delivery services out there. Goodfood has a great variety of dishes for all different dietary restrictions and preferences. Their website says all of the packaging is recyclable. Bonus! 

There are 3 options for food baskets, Easy Prep(starting at $75), Classic(starting at $65) and Family(starting at $78), and each have options for quantity of meals and people. If you choose Easy Prep Basket, you have access to 20min meals with pre-cut veggies, BUT not every meal available is Easy Prep. Not knowing this, I had chosen the meals available in the Classic Basket. My mistake for being new at this food service stuff....a lesson in not ordering food while hungry. Onward!
My food box arrived midday in an insulated box via courier. Love that it comes with a magnet, so I could stick the recipe to the fridge while cooking. Box had 4 ice packs in the bottom of the box; there was no way my food would warm up! Everything in box is labeled; so easy!  Looks like I’m good to go! 

Here's my experience with my 3 meals. 

First up...Pork Meatballs & Roasted Veg. The meatballs were delicious and the veggies turned out perfect. I’ve never eaten couscous before(#foodbloggerfail) and mixing it with fresh mint was an interesting combination. This plate had great textures as well as strong and mild flavours. A well balanced meal! The cons were that the instructions could have been better; my couscous was cold and I was sad. 
Second, I tackled the Grilled Tofu Dragon Bowl. This is the most work I've ever had to do to make a salad. I did not realize the preparation would take so long. When the instructions said the rice would take 40min, I thought I had lots of time. I wasn't half way through cutting the mountain of carrots and snow peas before the rice was finished.  The rice ended up being cold and I was sad again. Once again, too much ingredients....I mean...I’m Italian and I don’t use 4 cloves of garlic to make salad dressing for 2 people. The sauce was very tasty, but I only put 2 of the 4 cloves of garlic in, so my breath didn’t offend anyone or kill any nearby foliage. Not my fav! 

Lastly, I made the Tuscan Focaccia with Prosciutto & Roasted Tomatoes. Pizza...it was pizza. But, it is one pretty pizza! Goodfoods provided an abundance of ingredients; a ton of garlic and lettuce! If I had used all of the ingredients provided, my breath would’ve been garlicy for days and the lettuce would’ve made it comically tall. Putting the pizza back in the oven with the prosciutto is key; crisps it up just right. The gorgonzola, in taste and quantity, was perfect. It didn’t over power the other flavours nor did it make the dish too salty. I don’t add salt to my food and this pizza didn’t need it anyway! Best to eat fresh, not as good for leftovers.  
Conclusion: I'm reasonably sure these meals for 2 are intended for 2 people to prepare and eat. I thought this would save me time in cooking and it's the complete opposite. The instructions could be better, but with 1 person cooking, 1 part of the meal ends up cold by the time the entire meal is ready to eat. Also, after eating any of these dishes at lunch, it was all I could taste for the rest of the day. These meals cannot be consumed on the day of going on a date; the seasoning is tasty but, really lingers and sadly, does not come with mints. 

The customer service is prompt. I contacted them by email and live chat and Goodfoods was very responsive and friendly. I was asked questions, offered solutions and even thanked for my lengthy description(#bloglife). My total experience with Goodfoods was alright. I've heard a lot of good things about them and was excited to try it.

If you have another food service company, I should try, let me know via Twitter @notjustfoodto! I'd love to try another!


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