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Burgers at Butchies

Butchies was launched in 2017 in the former location of Shake, Rabble and Roll on Whitby’s west side. The location boasts the same giant parking lot, lots of indoor seating, Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream and the addition of a patio. It’s still a burger joint, but more gourmet than its predecessor. 

Ordering....You choose a protein(burger, fried chicken, etc) and 1 or more sides. Drinks are not included in the combos. I’m hoping the ordering process gets streamlined, because I’ve never waited for 10min in a line when there was only 1 couple in front of me. I listened to the staff member repeat how to order 3 times and the customers still had trouble. I’m not sure if it’s the signage or if the customers were so hungry that understanding a menu was hard. (Clearly, I was hangry) 

When I was ordering, I asked to taste one of the beers they have on tap. I was told they couldn’t give me a sample because they were not a brewery. I don’t know the bylaws in Whitby, but in Toronto restaurants, I can request a sample of any beer on tap and have never been refused. They do have a great craft beer menu though! 

went with one of the specials, Burger dressed with Brie and Bacon Jam(Protein + 1 side combo $13 + $3 for the special) with a fountain pop($2.50). There is a great selection of sides instead of just fries or poutine. I went with the watermelon salad that had chunks of watermelon, pear and onion. My friend got the Pulled Chicken Sandwich with Fries($13) and a milkshake($4.25). The burger was a plain beef patty with no seasoning, kinda blah. There was a large slice of brie with sauteed onions and bacon, but I didn’t see or taste any bacon jam. My friend enjoyed the pulled chicken. The fries were tasty and the milkshake was super thick.  

After hearing rave reviews of this place and the chef that opened it, I was a disappointed. A little pricey for burgers and a drink in Whitby, running about $20 per person. Service was less than smooth and the food was just ok. Perhaps it was an off day at Butchies, every place has them, but I don’t think I’ll return. 


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