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Brickworks Ciderhouse Rules!

Have you been to the Brickworks Ciderhouse yet? I've been a couple times and boy, was it tasty! The high ceilings and plethora of windows make this space inviting and spacious. There are 2 levels and an open concept kitchen. Yes, I know this is a Labatt owned company, but that's not its fault and it doesn't make the cider less tasty.  

In my couple visits there, the service was on point. It's a busy place, so sometimes patience is needed, but you did not feel forgotten! My visits occurred in the first 2 months of opening; so fresh!
My first visit consisted of a flight of cider and fries. First off, the fries are good, but the curry ketchup it comes with is SO GOOD. If you're looking for a little something to snack on with cider, this is a great, shareable option. On the flight side, there were a few ciders I hadn't tried and I was curious. One is the ciders was Mint & Basil....weird, right? Not weird at all actually. It smells like basil, immediately making me crave pizza, but it tastes like heaven. More savoury than sweet, this cider is super refreshing and begs to be drank on a patio. This one was definitely my favourite of the 4. The Peach Cider was the runnerup, but the Mint & Basil had my top spot! 
The second visit was a large brunch date; there were 14 of us. We had a nice big table on the second floor. Everyone enjoyed the food and cider; even the coffee was good! The only complaint was with the Eggs Benedict. It's a staple for brunch and you've gotta get it right. About half the group ordered it, but most of the eggs were hard boiled; only 2 people received a runny egg. One person sent theirs back and I don't blame them. As a brunch addict, I'm hoping by now they've got their Eggs Benny together! Can always ask the people how they'd like their eggs, that way everyone is happy!

It's a great space and I hope they get the food more consistent as they are still pretty new. I'd still go back to try more of their food. Watching the plates of entrees come out of the kitchen makes me hungry and have a little bit of FOMO! 


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