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Plant Based Restaurant Arrives in Brooklin

My cousin told me about a plant based restaurant in Brooklin she wanted to check out. Plant based in Brooklin?? I was officially intrigued. If you don't know Brooklin, it's the northern part of Whitby that doesn't want to admit it's a part of Whitby 

We headed up to see what Copper Branch is all about. Parked on the road and headed in. It has a nice big patio, but it was raining that day, so it was the day to be indoors in their bright dining area. Everything is white and accented with classy accents and art. There were regular tables as well as high tops, long enough to hold multiple groups.  

There is no table service, so you order at the cash and have a seat. Good luck picking something. Your best bet is to grab a paper menu and have a seat instead of standing there awkwardly(like me) while the line behind you grows hangry....and there WILL be a line. Cousin and I just beat the rush. It went from a few tables take to a huge line and almost no seating.  

I got a Cappuccino and she got a Chai Latte to drink. They also have Vegan Bailey's which I didn't know existed, but they were outMy cousin had originally ordered a drink with Vegan Bailey's and someone went to pick more up, but after 15min of waiting, she picked changed her order to the Chai Latte....which I will be ordering next time. So rich, so creamy, so chai! 

went with the Spicy Black Bean Burger and she had the Southwest Wrap Scramble. I love black bean burgers and this one did not disappoint. It had a gentle curry kick and all of the vegan goodness that fills you up. So flavourful! My cousin, who is what you would call 'picky', loved the wrap. Great seasoning! She said that she would never have known it was tofu, if no one told her. The texture and flavour was on point. Well done! We didn't opt for a dessert; they were small and a little pricy. They are located in the cooler with the drinks, if you've got room!

The service was enthusiastic. Everyone there is knowledgeable and appear to enjoy helping the newbies find their way(which I truly appreciate). Excellent quality of ingredients, as well. I'd definitely go back! 

I assure you, the plants are way more afraid of us than we are of them. 😉 


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