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Lisa Marie is Brunch AF

My fixation with brunch and Instagram lead me to Lisa Marie. Each week, for months, Lisa Marie posted a photo of the sexiest pancakes I've never seen, S'Mores Pancakes. I simply cannot resist toasted marshmallows; I was doomed/destined to try them, so I wrangled together 5 more foodies and off we went. Brunch AF. 

I made reservations weeks in advance. This restaurant seems to be busy all the time and this particular day was no exception. When I arrived, there was a line already and it wasn't even noon! Our table was just about ready when my friends began to arrive. We were seated and the mimosas were ordered immediately. Obviously. 

Our server was fabulous. She must hear about patrons' inability to choose every day. I knew what I wanted before I made the reservation: those damn sexy pancakes. My friends all made their selections just as the mimosas arrived. For the price, mimosas looked small, but was served in a wine glass. Not a crime, but I think if the same mimosa was served in a champagne flute, it would not only be more appropriate, but definitely more Instagram-worthy. Cue the Instagram Boomerang videos! 
The food arrives. I'm giddy. Those pancakes were just as sexy as I hoped they'd be. All marshmallowy, Nutella-y and carby. Absolute bliss! Luckily, my friend beside me ordered the Pemeal Eh sandwich with a side of Pad Thai Fries, so I was able to steal some...several...what's the difference? Anyway, my group was enjoying their brunchy goodness almost as much as they enjoying steaking a taste from each other's plates. 

Everything went flawlessly, except one unfortunate thing: it was particularly hot and the A/C was broken. The servers were still in great spirits anyway! The food was still great and the cold water jugs kept full by our fabulous servers kept everyone happy. Yes, it was hot, but that doesn't mean it's not a fab spot to eat!  


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