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Port Perry Smokehouse Serves Up Great Brews and Great Eats

After a visit to Old Flame Brewing in Port Perry, a friend and I took a walk over to the Port Perry Smokehouse. I've heard so many good things, it was a must! The large parking lot leads to the smokehouse. There is a cozy dining area as well as a large patio.
My friend and I grabbed a booth and began staring down the menu. Not only was their food menu tantalizing, their beer menu was also stellar. Lots of local flavour to choose from. We both got the Hop City's 8th Sin Black Lager. That's a glass full of malty goodness right there. 
To start, we grabbed an order of Deep Fried Pickles($6.99). Hot and fresh! I made the overzealous mistake of taking a bite as soon as they arrived. I stood by my decision and pretended it wasn't

Lisa Marie is Brunch AF

My fixation with brunch and Instagram lead me to Lisa Marie. Each week, for months, Lisa Marie posted a photo of the sexiest pancakes I've never seen, S'Mores Pancakes. I simply cannot resist toasted marshmallows; I was doomed/destined to try them, so I wrangled together 5 more foodies and off we went. Brunch AF.
I made reservations weeks in advance. This restaurant seems to be busy all the time and this particular daywas no exception. When I arrived, there was a line already and it wasn't even noon! Our table was just about ready when my friends began to arrive. We were seated and the mimosas were ordered immediately. Obviously.