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A New Outlook After Drink Inc's Fresh Hop Fest

I've been to a lot of beer festivals, but never a hop festival. Leave it to Drink Inc to create a Fresh Hop Festival featuring local brewers and local hops. Berkeley Church was the venue of choice and they chose well. 
The patrons attending this event were not your usual beer drinkers. The patrons were true beer enthusiasts, brewers and beer media. The Ontario Craft Brewers Conference was the next day, so it brought a lot of beer expertise to the area. It had a completely different vibe than every beer festival I've attended. It also featured brewers I usually don't see on the festival scene. As someone that is not a fan of IPAs, I was genuinely concerned I wouldn't find a beer I liked. I assumed every drink would be over-the-top hoppy. Boy, I was wrong. The beers I sampled used hops as an accent, rather than the main event. Many were cirtrusy, clovey and just plain good. A few of my

Devilishly Good Times at Louis Cifer

It's no secret; I love beer! When walking down the Danforth, it's only natural that I would end up at Louis Cifer. It's a delightful brewery and restaurant. They have a great beer selection, both their own and local. This is a large venue, with upstairs and patio seating. This place is great for large groups! I've been there a few times and each visit was devilishly fab.
My first visit consisted of beer and burgers. I grabbed a flight and a Brew Works Burger with fries. Fresh, hot and tasty; it went well with the beer. I tried a flight of 4 house brews. If you've never had their beers, I recommend a flight. They've got some unique flavours on their Saison/One-Off menu you've got to taste, like Blood Orange Blonde and Coconut Lemongrass Thai-PA.
My second visit was for brunch! It was in the afternoon;not thinking that I was there for brunch, only that I was at a brewery, I definitely had beer

Oktoberfest Eat & Drink @ Otto's Bier Halle

Oktoberfest screams beer and meat, does it not? It's time to walk through Trinity Bellwoods, see the fall colours and visit Otto's. The sign is not so obvious, so make sure you watch out for it! Seating consists of long tables as well as bar seating. It's an airy space with large windows., but really loud, even when it's not a full house!
We settled in and took a look at the delightful beer menu. They offer several local brews and well as German. Since we're in Toronto AND can have these delightful local beers any time we want, it's time to cut the cord and order something new. We stuck with the German beer, but it wasn't easy! My friend chose the Schneiders Original and I had the PaulanerHefe-Weissbier. Both are solid wheat beers. The Paulaner smelled of citrus