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German Comfort Food Straight out of....Whitby?

Whitby has so much to offer, was there something I've missed? Yes, I did! Wolfgang's on Brock serves up German fare and I was excited to go. It's located north of Rossland on Brock in a small plaza. It is a large, inviting space with lots of windows and natural light.
The menu is even more inviting. They offer many German dishes as well as Canadian eats. I was there twice; for breakfast and dinner. I really couldn't tell you much about German food before this!
At breakfast, I had to ignore my affinity for Eggs Benny and get something else. It wasn't easy, but I went with the Bauernomlett. It was hearty! It was 4 eggs, onions, potatoes, sausage, peppers and bacon served with rye toast. Woah! Talk about a food coma! My friend got the Breakfast Rosti.  It was a mound of shredded potatoes topped with bacon. Tasty!

Fancy Brunch at Caren's

Feeling a little fancy, agal pal and I headed to Caren's for a little prix fixe brunch. Located in theadorable area of Rosedale, it was quaint on the outside and a whole lot of style on the inside. Upon entering, you are greeted by a piano. Well, la-di-da. The booths and bar area arestylin'. I've never felt underdressed for brunch until that day.
We sat down and ordered coffee and mimosas, of course! Service was quick! The coffee was fabulous and the mimosas made me think I'd never had a real one before. Glad I didn't drive! The first course arrived, delicious cheese biscuits with butter and jam. They were warm and so, so good. Carb-tastic, if you will.
I had Eggs Benny;

Cider for All!

What a perfect day! The Toronto Cider Festival went off without a hitch! The weather was great and the crowd was thirsty. I was lucky enough to try a bunch of new ciders from cideries I'd never tasted. I'll definitely be on the lookout at the LCBO for my new favourites!
It was a busy afternoon, but not so busy that you couldn't walk around. There could've been more seating and more shade, but that's really the only complaint. The cider was cold, the vendors were friendly, the art showdown was fierce, the music was good, food was tasty and the games were fun. It really couldn't have gone better. Any lines went very quick! It was great!
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