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Meat Eaters Visit Planta

In the spirit of trying something new, my friend and I headed to Planta. We are open-minded meat eaters excited to see what plant-based food is like. Is it veggies trying to be meat? We shall see! 

The location is absolutely gorgeous. All angles scream 'Instagram this!' I'm glad we made reservations, this place is busy! My friend had heard how good the Planta Burger and their Truffle Fries were, so that was a no brainer. Myself, having a deep seeded love for pizza and carbs, chose the Italian Job.  

We split the burger and pizza...obviously. The burger was HUGE and amazing. It was a black bean burger with all of the toppings a burger should have: mushroom bacon, queso, tomatillo ketchup and pickles. Wow. As a meat eater, I was impressed. It was juicy, tasty and so very filling. The seasoning was on point. The hype about Truffle Fries was true! A little messy, but so worth it. You'll be glad you got them. The pizza was not as good. A little soggy from toppings, but the toppings didn't save it. Not as much flavour as I'd hoped; I'd try a different pizza next time. 

Did we get dessert? Damn right we did. I had the Banana Split and she had the Brownie with Ice Cream. Even though we were stuffed, we couldn't NOT get dessert. The Banana Split was exploding with fruit flavours. The vanilla ice cream was coconut, the strawberry was actual strawberry puree and, if I didn't know this wasn't real ice cream, the chocolate would've fooled me. If you think the Brownie is huge by the picture, it IS. My friend could barely get through half of it. It was rich and heavy; I recommend sharing this one! 

Service was fantastic. They're used to getting experimental meatatarians in there, so they know how to handle us.  I'm willing to bet the majority of the patrons are not vegans! Good times all around. Great ambience and beautifully plated food. 



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