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Attempted Breakfast at Escabeche

Weekend trip to Niagara on the Lake! With weekends comes this little thing called breakfast; my favourite meal of the day! Sadly, we slept in and no restaurants serve breakfast past 10am except Escabeche at the Prince of Wales Hotel and Eggsmart. Since we were looking for local flavour, we headed to Escabeche 

The menu out front looked good, a little pricy, but we didn't care; we were so hungry! They took our names and we waited. We waited about 15min and were seated right by the windows in the sunroom. Nice! The another couple was seated at the table behind us at the same time. We ordered our meals as well as some water and coffee. Then we waited........ 

And waited.... 

And......the couple seated after us got their food.  
And they sent it back. 

They received their corrected meals and then we got ours. A little pet peeve of mine is people seated after me and ordering after me getting their food first. Grrr. 

I, of course, ordered Eggs Benny. I've had a few Eggs Benedicts in my day, so I'm pretty sure I know what it is. I'd like to think the meat should be under both eggs, but this did not happen for me. Luckily, I took a photo before I dug in. I had started eating when I realized there was no meat on half. I called the server over and told her. She said it's 1 piece of sourdough and 1 large piece of meat with the 2 eggs on top. I showed her the picture and she nodded like that was normal. For $18, I'd like actual Eggs Benny...especially considering there was no side with it. Half a strawberry, 1 slice of bread and 2 eggs seems hardly worth it.  

I gave them the chance to fix it and they didn't. 

We ate and then ran out of drinks. No server in sight. The table with the water jug was across the aisle from me, so I got up to fill my glass. Other customers saw me serve myself and they came up to fill their glasses. Not cool. They saw us all filling our glasses and walked around us. 

This was another chance to do something and they didn't. 

I will never be back to this place. My recommendation is to get up before 10am and go somewhere that has service, good pricing and actual food. 

In need of breakfast redemption, 


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