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Summerlicious Strikes Again & Again - Liberty Commons

Summerlicious makes me go to the other end of the city for some eats and brews, but it's so worth it. Liberty Common was my second stop this year. Close to Exhibition Station, this was easy to find. On the lower level of the building, they have a large dining/bar area and a newly opened patio. 
When I arrived, I asked for the patio and they said no, but I could see empty tables. My friend arrived and asked for the patio, she was adamant about it,  so they cleaned one for us. There was no patio when I made the reservation or I would've asked!
We both started with the Ontario Tomato and Charred Zucchini Salad. That smoky corn hummus was fantastic. It was intense, but the mellow flavours of the ripe tomatoes and baby spinach balanced it out. The tomatoes were HUGE! Definitely not bit sized, but they were so good, I didn't care. Love tomatoes!

Summerlicious Strikes Again - Maple Leaf Tavern

Once again, Summerlicious has dragged us out of our regular haunts to try something new. Usually my Chef Aunt and I send a few suggestions back and forth....not this year. She said. 'We're going to Maple Leaf Tavern; their cheeseburger will change your life.' Who can argue with that?
Easy to find, across the street from Gerrard Square(free parking, yay!), it stood out in this neighbourhood. Located in an older part of town, Maple Leaf's bold exterior catches your eye. The dark wood covering the front, goes right through the interior creating a luxurious, yet still pub-like atmosphere.  The kitchen is completely open, so you can even sit at the counter to watch all of the action. Even though it was a full house, the Chef and kitchen staff all appeared calm and focused.

Toronto Festival of Beer July 28-30! YAAAY!

The best beer festival of the season is back! Toronto Festival of Beer has made this year especially Canadian to celebrate Canada's 150th. The pavilion this year will be occupied by Canadian breweries, not just our local Ontario deliciousness. They've also upped their foodie game. TFOB has a Grilling Tent showcasing Toronto's top talent to teach us how to pair food with beer. Even the musical entertainment is top notch; this is going to be an amazing festival!
The pavilion will have beer from coast to coast; a treat for anyonethat doesn't get out of the province. They've got many ales fromthe west, like Central City Brewing and Blindman Brewing. The east coast is represented by brewers like Propeller Brewing and Garrison Brewing, with more ales. Ontario will have a few brewers I haven't heard of, like Napanee Beer Co and Bobcaygeon