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Wandering Wine Country With Grape Escapes

A weekend in Niagara on the Lake wouldn't be complete without a Wine Tour! Being fitness minded, Natalie(Cooking Quidnunc) and I embarked on an epic bike tour courtesy of Grape Escapes. We met at their bike haven and met our saucy tour guide, Marcy. Our group had 12 people, but she had no trouble keeping us entertained and in line.   

We headed to the first winery, Inniskillin. This was one of the longer stretches of bike riding; happy to get it out of the way! This is a large winery. We were handed off to a tour guide there and she took us around. We learned the history of the winery and about the wine making process. She was very knowledgeable! We then went to a patio by the boutique to taste. We tried 4 different wines, including ice wine. They also gave us some dark chocolate to try with the sweet wines. Yum! You can get food here, but you'll have to be quick! I'd recommend ordering it, going on your tour and then picking it up. You'll have a little time to scarf it down!  

Off we went to ReifHere was a wine and cheese tasting. We went into the tasting room where delightful Reif wine guide told us all about the history of the winery and why it's called an estate. If it's an estate all of the wine was made on that property. Gotta give 2 thumbs up for learning and wine! We had gouda, cheddar and blue cheese to taste with the accompanying wine. I had no idea I was drinking ice wine wrong all these years.  

It was a windy day! The next leg of our bike ride, might not have been the longest, but it definitely felt that way. Peddling our hearts out to Pondview, we earned that wine! Along with learning about the winery, each sampling used the proper glass for that type of wine, none of the others did. They have sweet treats, like wine slushies and dark chocolate filled with ice wine. Very decadent!  

Last, but definitely not least, was Caroline Cellars. You could choose your 4 samples out of the 30-something available wines. The list was extensive! You could choose from whites, rose, reds and ice wines. I tried a new red called Fosh(foe-sh) and it was pretty good, I'd like to try some from other wineries! This winery is not only known for its wine, but for the food. There is a large cafĂ© indoors as well as a large patio. Sadly, there is not enough time on the tour to eat there! In addition to wine, there was wine swag, like mugs, shirts and tea towels.   

Luckily, our tour guide, Marcy was not enjoying the wind either. She took us a completely different route to shelter us from the wind. It was perfect. The ride back was relaxing, making us wonder why we don't ride bikes more often. It was a great tour with a fantastic tour guide! It's a bonus that is knowledgeable in wine! Took about 4 hours total, but well worth it.  

If you're heading to Niagara on the Lake, grab a wine tour with Grape Escapes! 


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