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Food Photos Brought Me to Cliffside Bistro - CLOSED

After following Cliffside Bistro on Instagram for a few weeks, I HAD to go. The food looked incredible and they kept taunting me with their address being literally down the street from where I live. Procrastinating could no longer hold me back. It was time to brunch at Cliffside! 

Upon entering, I felt a little underdressed. It's very nice. Freshly painted walls, classy accents and leather seating made me feel a little out of place in running shoes and a hoodie. Alas, we sat and browsed the menu. I would not have guessed the pricing would be so reasonable. I thought it was going to be on the pricey side, but I was pleasantly surprised. I went with the Egg Portobello($10.99) and my friend chose the Grilled Veggie Sandwich($10). This, I was dressed for. ;) 

The Egg Portobello was tasty. Why I chose it over Eggs Benny, was that they were on potato pancakes. I love potato pancakes! These were thin and not as crispy as I'd like. I've always had them with some onion mixed in, but the smoked sausage, mushrooms and hollandaise sauce made everything better. The homefries and salad were great. Loved the house dressing! My friend's Veggie sandwich was stuffed with avocado, roasted red peppers, goat cheese and portobello mushrooms. Those fries though. She 'made' me eat them. I did. No regrets. 

The coffee was so good, I think my friend drank a whole pot. She definitely asked our server what brand it was. He said customers ask about it a lot! Our server was fabulous. He handled a couple overly caffeinated ladies just fine. I'd love to come back for dinner, so I can stop being teased by their Instagram! 

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