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Bottomless Mimosa Brunch at Macho

To feed thebrunch obsession, a group of us headed to Macho Tex Mex. Luckily, we made a reservation as it was packed! Our table wasn't quite ready when we arrived, but that was understandable once we saw how busy it was; it is a popular spot for large groups. Lots of large tables, high ceilings with equally giant windows, it is a welcoming spot for brunch....and bottomless mimosas. 
Did you just say bottomless mimosas?! I did!
Choose your dish from the brunch menu and all for $29, the bottomless mimosas will flow! They've got a few different juice flavours to choose from: orange, grapefruit, raspberry and more. I, of course, ordered Eggs Benny($14), because I have issues. The other photo is the Big Breakfast($13). The metal plate was an unusual way to serve food. Presentation is clearly not their focus. The food was average. I couldn't stop eating the fried potatoes. I ate mine and anyone who left someon their plate. I definitely stole someone's bacon. No regrets. I was s…

Wandering Wine Country With Grape Escapes

A weekend in Niagara on the Lake wouldn't be complete without a Wine Tour! Being fitness minded, Natalie(Cooking Quidnunc) and I embarked on an epic bike tour courtesy of Grape Escapes. We met at their bike haven and met our saucy tour guide, Marcy. Our group had 12 people, but she had no trouble keeping us entertained and in line.  
We headed to the first winery, Inniskillin. This was one of the longer stretches of bike riding; happy to get it out of the way! This is a large winery. We were handed off to a tour guide there and she took us around. We learned the history of the winery and about the wine making process. She was very knowledgeable! We then went to a patio by the boutique to taste. We tried 4 different wines, including ice wine. They also gave us some dark chocolate to try with the sweet wines.Yum! You can get food here, but you'll have to be quick! I'd recommend ordering it, going on your tour and then picking it up. You'll have a little time to scarf it d…

Bustling Brooklin Pub

A friend and I didn't know where to go for dinner. We drove around, ending up in Brooklin. We were just entering their 'downtown' area when we saw the Brooklin Pub. Neither of us come to this little part of Whitby too often, so why not?
It was busy! We sat at the bar while we waited for a table. We only waited about 10min. The staff were friendly and they had an alright beer selection; the usual suspects with a few craft beers and a couple uncommon imports. This is a big place! Each area is sectioned off, making a great place for a large group. It's a sports pub, so you could see a TV from anywhere.
There was a large group seated in our section, so getting in and out of that area was a little tight. Not sure how the servers were getting by with arms full of food and drink! Wings were really popular here; I think at least one person at every table was eating them! The menu was large, so our server came back a few times and we weren't ready. 

Food Photos Brought Me to Cliffside Bistro

After following Cliffside Bistro on Instagram for a few weeks, I HAD to go. The food looked incredible and they kept taunting me with their address being literally down the street from where I live. Procrastinating could no longer hold me back. It was time to brunch at Cliffside!
Upon entering, I felt a little underdressed. It's very nice. Freshly painted walls, classy accents and leather seating made me feel a little out of place in running shoes and a hoodie. Alas, we sat and browsed the menu. I would not have guessed the pricing would be so reasonable. I thought it was going to be on the pricey side, but I was pleasantly surprised. I went with the Egg Portobello($10.99) and my friend chose the Grilled Veggie Sandwich($10). This, I was dressed for. ;)
The Egg Portobello was tasty. Why I chose it over Eggs Benny, was that they were on potato pancakes. I love potato pancakes! These were thin and not as crispy as I'd like. I've always had them with some onion mixed in, but th…