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Fourth Annual Food Truck Frenzy is a Hit!

The Rotary Club of Whitby has this festival down to a science: They know what the people want! This is the perfect opportunity for Durham residents to try Toronto food trucks without having to go to Toronto.

This year, there were many food trucks I'd never seen before and there was a row of local vendors selling their tasty delights. I like it! You could try your hand at axe throwing from Batl Pickering and watch a skateboarding competition over at the skate park. There was also a variety of entertainment on stage all weekend. If you weren't eating, you were still entertained.

Free parking and free admission are always a bonus, they only requested a small donation upon entering supporting community projects. Done and done. Lots of parking at the Whitby GO station, so that made things easy. This really is the perfect venue for this event; it's busy, but not crowded. There were so many choices for food the lines didn't get out of control and the wait for food was so shor…

A Tall Order at Tallboys

Have I mentioned that I love beer? Have I also mentioned that I love burgers? Tall Boys has both, so it was time for a visit....or 2...or 3 or...the number of visits is not important. Not a huge place, but, in nice weather, they roll up the window doors and let the fresh air in. The bar in the center is decorated with custom taps for a ton of different beers.
Do I even NEED to talk aboutthe awesomeness that is their beer selection? Probably not, but it's worth mentioning. Their beer list is sorted by type, making for a semi-easy selection, if you know what you're in the mood for. There were a few breweries listed on their I'd not seen before, like Neustadt and Radical Road. Good brews in a can AND on tap.
The burgers are fabulous. I had the Philly Cheesesteak Burger and I'm hooked. The sauteed onions and peppers are tasty, but it's the smokey cheese sauce that does it for me; it's hard for me NOT to order it. I tried their Fried Chicken Sandwich, which was pretty…

Breakfast @ Blue Rooster

Breakfast is my favourite meal. It was time to try a new place that was getting great reviews. Blue Rooster is in a small plaza south of the 401. Country themed, as expected, it was just starting to get busy when I arrived, as expected. I nabbed a table before my parents arrived and by the time they did, the place was full! As I watched the plates of food walk by, I could see the eyes of other customers growing wide. We were in store for some good portions!
The coffee arrived hot and fresh almost instantly after they sat down. I already had a cup in hand.Our server was great; the reviews did not lie. 
We ordered and the food came quickly. My mom got a Western Omelette, her hubby went with Blueberry Pancakes and I got a Meat Lovers Skillet. The pancakes were fluffy and full of blueberries. Good start! My mom's