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New! Portly Piper Pub - Oshawa

A new location for the Portly Piper Pub is recently opened in Oshawa. Replacing the dated restaurant, Stav's, it will freshen up the corner of Wilson and Hwy 2. Offering lunch, dinner and breakfast, this gastropub will be a great option for the area. They even have craft beer!
Much like their Ajax location, it has a vast menu. This is one of the few restaurants that actually does everything well. Many new places try to do too much and it all ends up being mediocre. They use quality ingredients and the only complaint I have is that I ate too much. :P My father, grandmother and I went for supper the weekend before the grand opening. It's a big menu. One of those menus you need to make a choice and close it so you don't change your mind. My Nan went with the Mushroom Chicken Penne, my Dad had the Bowl of Seafood and I had the Nacho Burger with fries.  Tiger shrimp, lobster, PEI mussels and scallops served in a lightly spiced white wine tomato sauce. So savoury! My Nan was takin…

Sweet Sweet Brunch @ Pogue Mahone

Brunch is one of those meals that is underrated. It's really the best of both worlds. I was lucky enough to win brunch at Pogue Mahone on Instagram. So exciting! 
Pogue was very easy to find; very close to College Station. Sweet! Upon arriving, I saw their large patio and I could hear itcalling me back already! Warmly greeted, we were seated in comfy leather seats by their large windows. While looking at the menu, I couldn't help but dance. It's not just brunch, it's BEATS and BRUNCH! They have a DJ spinning tunes from the 90's and it was good. :D I cannot deny that my food choice was influenced by Instagram; those pancakes just look so damn good, I couldn't resist! The Stack'd Strawberry White Chocolate Pancakes($15) were my choice. My friend went with the Weekend Breakfast($11). I'm usually a beer kind of gal, but this was brunch, mimosas were in order! They offer mimosas($5) with orange juice or grapefruit juice. Delicious!