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Jumping on the Bandwagon at C'est What

With all the burger hype in the city, I thought I should jump on the bandwagon. Been hearing a lot of good things about C'est What, so off I went. Takes a lot of convincing to eat somewhere with good beer. ;)
Located in a lower level on Front St, it was about a 10min walk from Union. It's open concept, so it doesn't feel like you're in a basement. The staff are warm and welcoming. We were seated and headed for the beer menu(it is a good one!). It seemed like many patrons had also come here for a beer after a long day! Seemed like the right thing to do. I don't see McAuslan's Apricot Wheaton many menus, so that sealed the deal. My friend is a hoppier beer drinker and tried the Big Butt Smoked Dark Ale and the Chocolate Ale. I tasted both. The smoked ale tasted like beer and bacon.... it was interesting! I'm a chocolate gal, but I don't feel the chocolate flavour came through as strong as it should have. Many other beers on the menu I'd like to try!
As …

Cheers to Little Bavaria

A random craving for schnitzel brought a friend and I to Little Bavaria. Located in a plaza at Eglinton and Markham, it wasn't what I expected when I entered; it was completely decorated like a German pub. So festive! White linens and flags everywhere! We seated and scoured the menu. There's meat with more meat and a side of meat. Even though the menu has a lot of meat, there ARE vegetarian options. Sweet! I went with the Jäger Schnitzel($18.95). It has a red wine sauce with mushrooms and onions. My friend went with the Bavarian Plate($22.95). It comes with schnitzel, kassler and krainerwurst. Both came with soup or salad and 2 sides. SO MUCH FOOD. The schnitzel was ok, a little fatty though. The Bavarian Plate was good! I had a taste of each meat and they were very tasty!
Know what else is good about German restaurants? German Beer! I got myself a pint of Erdinger and enjoyed my meal! They also have a selection of German wines and spirits. A nice change from regular restaurants…

Lots of Lunch at Chef Tommy's

A weekend lunch was in order, so my mom and I decided on Greek. Chef Tommy's has been there for a few years, but I hadn't got the chance to go. It's not a big place, but it's cozy and tastefully decorated. 
I was dying for chicken, so Chicken Souvlaki on a Pita was my choice. My mom went with the Mediterranean Grilled Sole. They both came with soup, so I had the Lentil Soup and my mom chose the Spicy Cabbage Soup. These soups are made in house and taste homemade; full of veggies and delightfully seasoned. After polishing off our soups, the entrees arrived. 
This was one big ass pita; it was the length of the plate! Fresh pita, lots of tzatziki and juicy chicken was everything I had hoped it would be! The grilled sole was an open face sandwich topped with tomatoes and feta. The sole had barely any batter, just a dusting of flour we think. So good! Both dishes were the perfect portions for lunch.
You know what that means?? ROOM FOR DESSERT! I saw on their menu online that t…

Winterlicious Stop 3: The Chase Fish & Oyster

Don't fear the alleyway, there is a host there with a warm welcome when you get in the door. This is one snazzy place. Beautifully decorated with high ceilings and a calm vibe, The Chase has a whole team of servers keeping everyone comfortable and full. (Even the bathrooms are beautiful!) 
Let's get to the goods. It was freezing rain that day, so I was happy the Tomato Soup was on the Winterlicious menu and this soup was epic. It had shrimp, smoked bacon, sour cream and milk bread topped with monforte cheddar. Hearty! Each bite was different. It hit the spot after coming in from the cold. 
Keeping the comfort food vibe alive, I had the Littleneck Clam Linguine. The sauce was creamy and complimented the clams well. The crispy squid had a little kick! A nice addition to a mellow dish. Pasta cooked to perfection and I couldn't finish it! I tried, I really tried! 
But, there's always room for dessert! Feeling like a big kid, I had the Root Beer Float. This dessert made my day…

Winterlicious Stop 2: Aviv!

Met up with some friends I haven't seen in forever at Aviv for Stop 2 of my Winterlicious adventures. It was very busy! We only waited a few minutes before we were seated by the owner. He was serving, clearing tables and greeting people; he was on top of things! He apologized for the wait even though there wasn't really one long enough to complain about. He had a good sense of humour about it and laughed at my jokes, so he was already winning in my books! ;)
We ordered drinks and made our selections. Yay for appetizers; we were starving! The Risotto Balls were fabulous. Smoked tomato sauce smothered over Italian arborio rice stuffed with buffalo mozzarella and wild mushrooms and drizzled with basil pesto. Doesn't that sound heavenly?? It was! 
I've had Gnocchi a thousand times. I love it. This was unexpected! It's called Housemade Potato Gnocchi, but it was more like little fluffy clouds with a smooth texture, almost like melted cheese covered in a savoury tomato cre…

Winterlicious Stop 1: Hawthorne Food & Drink

My first stop at Winterlicious was Hawthorne Food & Drink. They provide free training for those unemployed youth and those receiving Ontario Disability Supports for free! They help people get the skills they need to land work. Amazing! I did not know this until I got there and my Chef Aunt educated me on it. A cozy spot with an organic feel serving up local eats and the good they do makes it taste even better!
We started with the Daily Croquette. It was a mashed potato croquette sprinkled with old cheddar. Wow. They don't mess around! The potato was pureed smooth and the coating was perfectly crisp. 
For the entrée, I went with the Carbonara and my Aunt chose the Jerk Pork. I smoked chicken and crispy chicken skin were the highlights of my dish; I found the sauce a little salty, but the pasta was cooked perfectly. My Aunt could not say enough good things about the Jerk Pork. It was deconstructed and delicious.