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Feeding my Brunch Addiction @ Vi Pei

Sunday breakfast anyone? I don't get out in Scarborough too often, so we decided to tryVi Pei. Judging by the name, I wasn't really sure what to expect. Parking is a little funky here, so if you're parking out front, I recommend backing in. 
We were greeted warmly and seated. Their coffee is pretty good...may be because I just woke up, but either way, I had 2 cups. My mom got the Ham, Cheese and Spinach Eggs Benedict with homefries and salad. I got the Brie Stuffed Brioche French Toast. She thinks it's weird to get salad with eggs, but that's how brunch rolls! Both dishes were huge! The hollandaise sauce is nice and creamy and they don't hold back on the veggies. My French toast was fantastic. The sweetness of the French toast went perfectly with the smooth brie. The fruit was very fresh. Good portions!

Yum Yum @ Piano Piano

It had been too long since I'd seen a couple of my favourite gals over the holidays, so off to Piano Piano for some dinner and drinks. Less than 10min walk from Spadina Station, it was easy to find. A small venue, but classically decorated with high ceilings and big floral prints on the walls and their staff. Even though, it's not a large space, it FEELS like a large space. They were smart not to cram as many tables as possible in. 
The menu looks like a newspaper! We looked all sophisticated, browsing the paper. ;) Our server was incredible. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable, the perfect combo! He answered all of our questions as well as helped is pair wines with our meals. I'm barely a novice when it comes to wine and I'd never heard of any of these, so I definitely needed the help.
The food decision was harder, but we got there. I ordered the Meatballs($22) and my ladies both chose the Pumpkin Agnolotti($24). You read it, I literally just ordered meatballs, nothing else.…