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Saucy New Menu @ The Saucy Pierogi

The delightful people at The Saucy Pierogi have expanded their amazing menu. In celebration of their 1 year anniversary of their bricks and mortar location, theyinvited some super cool people to try it out. I know what you're thinking, only 1 year? I said the same thing. Their food is timeless, feels like it's been around forever! I'd only had their food at pop ups, so this was my first time here. It is a great space, high ceilings, cool bar, lots of seating. It's a great venue for a date! Great prices and a relaxed atmosphere. And if you REALLY like the food(and you will), there is a fridge with frozen pierogies for you to buy and makeat home. MmmMmm.
Let's get eating! Salad to start, of course. We tried 2 salads, Tomato Salad and Cucumber Salad. You really can't go wrong with either of these. Fresh tomato andfeta topped with balsamic or crisp, thin sliced cucumber mixed in a sour cream and dill dressing. So refreshing!