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Lisa @ Lisa Marie - Summerlicious Edition!

After developing a Pad Thai Fries addiction, I thought it was time to head over to Lisa Marie and see what their first Summerlicious menu had to offer. Very glad we made reservations, this place was packed! A little loud in there, but that's because everyone is having a good time! It has a cool, down to earth vibe, just like their staff.  

Time to tackle that $28 price fixe menu. To start I ordered the Flautas and my Chef Aunt chose the Alabama Tailgators. The Flautas were 2 baked tortillas bursting with white cheddar and smothered in tomatillo sauce. The cheese was mind and the tomatillo sauce had a nice kick. Crunchy FTW. The Tailgators had aged cheddar, bacon wrapped carpaccio and kimchi on a skewer. It tasted as sexy as it sounds. That's a killer start! 

The mains arrived. My aunt ordered the Harissa Smoked Cauliflower and I went with the Carne Asada. The Cauliflower was crisp, rubbed with Harissa with poblano sauce to make things interesting.  The smokey flavour was throughout. Yum! The Carne Asada looked equally as good as it tasted. The bright colours of the heirloom tomato salsa and guacamole made this dish scream for Instagram. The grilled AAA pichana steak was cooked to order; tender, juicy with just the right seasoning. 

All this and there was still dessert! How could you go to a place called 'Lisa Marie' and not order Elvis in a Jar?! I mean....there IS candied bacon involved. C'mon! It was served with cooked bananas, peanut butter, and brioche French toast covered in zabaglione, whipped cream and brown sugar. SO good. The portion size was perfect after a large meal. The brioche and cooked bananas were delightful. Didn't taste much peanut butter, but you really didn't miss it.  

And of course, due to my aforementioned addiction, we definitely ordered a plate of Pad Thai fries. :D 

The service was fantastic. The vibe was great. The food was damn good. Now that I've had a sampling of what they can do, I want to try items from their regular menu. I mean, if they can make new items this well, they've GOT to be good! 

See you soon, 

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