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A Little Take Out from Vindaloo

So, it's a Sunday night and I definitely forgot to take something out of the freezer for dinner. Hmmmm..what to do? Out comes the phone and tappity-tap, some eats from Vindaloo are on the way. I ordered Veggie Pakora($5.49), Butter Chicken($12.99), Chicken Korma($12.99) and lots of Naan($2.49). (Does anyone else order enough food for 2 even though it's just for you? No? Oh...well, that was awkward) It arrived in a reasonable amount of delivery time and was hot! I dove into the pakora while I was unpacking the rest. They were AWESOME. A little spice, amazing flavours and lots of veggies, spinach, onions and potato. All batter should be this tasty! I will ALWAYS order this!

Salt Wine Bar is Tapas-tastic

It was my birthday and I wanted to try somewhere new. My friend heard that Salt Wine Bar was excellent. I made reservations and off we went. Close to Ossington & Dundas, I walked right by it! I completely missed the sign on the sidewalk, but still made it on time. Keep an eye out when you head over!
When you get inside you are surrounded by wine. They have a large wine list, many of which I had never heard of. Their cocktail list is also interesting, some ingredients I had never heard of. It was a night to learn of new things! Our server was patient as we tried to decide what to get; everything looked amazing. We decided! Sea Bream Ceviche($13), Lobster & Pork Belly($18), Jamon Serano & Manchego Croquettes($8) and Truffle Gnocchi($22). The ceviche arrived first. We each ordered our own and we were glad we did. It was to-die-for. The mixture of the sea bream, cucumber and pineapple made this an instant favourite. My Lobster & Pork Belly arrived and it looked so pretty, I …

Lisa @ Lisa Marie - Summerlicious Edition!

After developing a Pad Thai Fries addiction, I thought it was time to head over to Lisa Marie and see what their first Summerlicious menu had to offer. Very glad we made reservations, this place was packed! A little loud in there, but that's because everyone is having a good time!It has a cool, down to earth vibe, just like their staff.
Time to tackle that $28 price fixe menu. To start I ordered the Flautas and my Chef Aunt chose the AlabamaTailgators. The Flautas were 2 baked tortillas bursting with white cheddar and smothered in tomatillo sauce. The cheese was mind and the tomatillo sauce had a nice kick. Crunchy FTW. The Tailgators had aged cheddar, bacon wrapped carpaccio and kimchi on a skewer. It tasted as sexy as it sounds. That's a killer start!