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It's All About the Beer! #TFOB2016

Ahh, the Toronto Festival of Beer. My favourite event of the year! This is the best opportunity to try beers you've never tried before and talk to the brewers behind them. The weather was perfect and the crowd was ready to have a good time.
The country featured this year was Sweden. There were many types of beer to try, like IPAs, Stouts and some delightful Gose at the Sample Sweden tent. The festivities were in full swing with live music and Swedish eats from Biermarkt. I tried the Bianco Mango from Omnipollo and Black Current Sour Beer from Dugges. They both had a strong citrus and black currentflavours with no aftertaste. There were even sweet treats at the Candy Bar hailing from

Fazio's Has It All

Nan's Birthday....where to take her? Ah. Fazio's of course! At the corner of Athol and Simcoe lies Italian food so authentic, the owner still has a thick accent....and he opened this place in 1979! If you're from Oshawa, you've driven by it a thousand times and had no idea they boast 15,000 bottles of wine. The d├ęcor is classy. They don't have a dress code, but you'll feel weird if you are not in something close to business casual.

When we arrived, there was a large private party going on and were worried about the noise, but once we were seated, they closed the doors to the room we were in. Off to a good start. We ordered and fresh bread was brought to the table with butter and a spicy, housemade, roasted red pepper sauce. We could smell the roasted peppers. It went quickly and we asked for more. My Nan even asked for a container to take home. It was amazing. We remained calm and did not fight over one noticed. :P

After polishing off a whole…

Cheers to KFC!

Oh, Korean Fried Chicken. How I love thee. Cheers, Chicken and Beers is just making that love stronger. A small venue with about 12 tables, you WILL have to wait; this place is busy! They don't take reservations for more than 10, so make sure only those with true love for KFC join your party. There is a municipal parking lot next door and free parking on side streets andplaza across the street.
We ordered 4 whole chickens, 1 of each sauce. Each chicken comes with a healthy portion of fries andsome fried rice cakes disguised as fries in the mix. We tried Original($24.95), Sweet, Soy and Spicy($25.95). They are served in pieces in a basket with the fries and the whole lot is tossed it the chosen sauce. LOVE IT! Only downside is that the fries get soggy after awhile.  What's impressive,  is that there was almost no grease to speak of. For how much fried chicken I've eaten, this brings it to a whole other level. When you think Original, don't think plain; these are far from …