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Taste of Toronto 2016 - A Foodie's Dream

Didn't make it to Taste of Toronto? Tsk, tsk. Where else do you get to try 15+ restaurants in 1 venue?! This is a great place to try and discover restaurants you've never heard of. This is a foodie's dream! 

Given that these are pop-up locations the portions aren't huge, but they're enough. You don't want to fill up on one plate! Each restaurant offered unique dishes to make you want to visit their actual restaurant and try more.  

My adventure started at Barque. I heart their ribs. Smothered in a delightful hoisin sauce, these ribs were BBQ'd to perfection. Next up, we stopped at Carver. Who can say no to Porchetta? Got myself a Porchetta Sandwich with Salsa Verde Aioli and Roasted Red Pepper Pesto. The focaccia was fresh and the porchetta was tender. The aioli and pesto were a great addition, although the porchetta was fantastic all on its own. My friend got a healthy portion of County Fried Chicken from the County General and insisting on sharing it. A light batter enveloped the juicy chicken with a splash of sesame avocado chutney. This was a dish not to miss! I finished my food time off with a delightful Churro Nest from Los Colibris. The food is pretty, and I mentioned this in my original review of this place, so are the people. So many beautiful people working in one spot; it was like dessert for the eyes and the stomach. ;) 

There weren't just restaurants there! There were many artisan booths there for your pleasure. Many had samples, info and goods for you to take home. There were also wineries and brewers there to keep your thirst quenched. If you were looking for somewhere to sit, many vendors had a patio or tables out for you to beat the eat. If you had you American Express card handy, you could always visit their lounge for a seat and complimentary Rold Gold pretzels and Eska water.  

Looking to learn? There were presentations in the Taste Theatre every hour. I sat in on one with the chef from Barque that taught us how to make Blackened Scallops with volunteers from the audience. You could also book in for a Metro Master Class, but you had to sign up early! How amazing would it be to take a cooking class with a renowned chef?! Sad I missed out!  Maille had a class where you could make your own mustard. You could craft a custom cocktail with KetelOne. There was even wine classes in the Tasting Room! 

This is not an ordinary festival. This is one for true foodies. If you're going to go, make sure you do your homework first; pick what you want to do and plan it! I wish I had done that this time. I didn't realize how much there was to do, besides eat, until I got there. Yes, I had read the website, but once you're there, it's almost overwhelming.  

The food is a bit pricy, but it's good quality and can only get better at the actual restaurant. This isn't food truck eats, so you can't expect the prices to reflect that. I had a great time there and look forward to planning my attach next year! 


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