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Feeling Italian at Figo

A friend and I scoured some menus looking for a trendy, new spot when we found Figo. Who doesn't love Italian? We made a reservation and off we went. I made the reservation a week in advance and there was nothing available between 7 and 9pm! This place must be good. We went at 6:15pm and it was fairly empty, but by it was brimming with patrons.  

The cocktail menu is interesting. The flavour combinations were hard for me to imagine together. You just have to pick one that has a few ingredients you like and dive in. There were a few things I'd never had or heard of before..made me feel like I've lived a sheltered cocktail life. :P 

The menu was small, but it was still hard to decide. It's nice to see restaurants stick with what they're good at instead of offering lots of mediocre food. I went with the Gnocchi and my friend chose the Tortelli. So, when I say the service was fast, I mean FAST. We ordered, our server left and came back with food. These chefs were prepared for the rush! The food was hot and fresh. The Gnocchi was smothered in tomato sauce and sprinkled with basil and buffalo ricotta. The tomato sauce was just that: tomatoes. Nothing fancy. My friend enjoyed the Tortelli; the sauce was rich with real butter and sage. 

Could I say no to dessert in an Italian restaurant? Of course not! Tiramisu is a given and this was the real deal. The bottom was soaked in coffee and it had more layers than I could count. Definitely in the top 5 of tiramisu! 

Everyone, from the hostesses to the servers to the chefs, was friendly and pleasant. The d├ęcor us uplifting and comfortable.  

I look forward to my next visit! 


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