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BC Blog! A Little Fine Dining at Locals

My BC family adventure took us to Locals. A beautiful heritage house with thriving flower gardens located right on the water. It has a vintage feel with stone walls and exposed beams; they also have a covered patio.  

BC is very environmentally aware, even their restaurants. They source everything locally to, not only minimize the footprint, but the close the 'producer-consumer gap.' Their menu identifies where the ingredients came from. I don't know about you, but I like knowing who else I'm supporting when I eat at restaurant. 

We started with drinks and apps. My Aunt and I split the Vegetarian Aloo Tikki($14) and my Dad and Uncle got the Seared Jumbo Scallops($17). The Tikki was savoury and fabulous. It had mixed bean sprouts with tamarind, pickled veggies, dates all piled on a tender Indian potato cake with a mint and cilantro sauce. It was an unusual mix, in both taste and texture, but it worked with just a hint of curry flavour. It wasn't spicy, but it definitely hit the spot. The gents made quick work of their scallops. They were beautifully served on a lettuce leaf with smooth carrot and cream puree. Fancy! 

3 of us ordered the same entrée, because we simply couldn't order something else after we saw it. 3 words: Prosciutto Wrapped Halibut($34). How can you say no?? My Aunt wanted to try something else, knowing she could sample off someone else's plate; she chose the Jumbo Prawns & Scallop Thai Curry($35). The halibut steaks were divine. The thick halibut absorbed just a little of the prosciutto flavours and was served on baked polenta with veggies. I think if I come back here, I'll have a hard time NOT ordering this again. My aunts jumbo pasta dish arrived as advertised. The prawns and scallops took up most of the bowl! The seafood and rice took to the sweet coconut broth and mild heat of the green curry. Simply delicious. 

In between ordering and courses, our server would bring us a sample of a dish. I've rarely experienced getting 1 sample, but 3?! Over the time of our visit, we received 3 different samples to try and each of them were delectable. From ceviche right to hand-crafted chocolate filled treats, they're doing their best to reel you in for the next visit and if I lived nearby, it would have worked! I'm surprised more restaurants don't give samples. *HINT HINT* 

The service was perfect. Each person was professional, but very personable. It's always nice when you all can have a few laughs. 

If I ever return to the Comox Valley, I'll be back! 


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