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Taste of Toronto 2016 - A Foodie's Dream

Didn't make it to Taste of Toronto? Tsk, tsk. Where else do you get to try 15+ restaurants in 1 venue?! This is a great place to try and discover restaurants you've never heard of. This is a foodie's dream!
Given that these are pop-up locations the portions aren't huge, but they're enough. You don't want to fill up on one plate! Each restaurant offered unique dishes to make you want to visit their actual restaurant and try more. 
My adventure started at Barque. I heart their ribs. Smothered in a delightful hoisin sauce, these ribs were BBQ'd to perfection. Next up, we stopped at Carver. Who can say no to Porchetta? Got myself a Porchetta Sandwich with Salsa Verde Aioli and Roasted Red Pepper Pesto. The focaccia was fresh and the porchetta was tender. The aioli and pesto were a great addition, although the porchetta was fantastic all on its own. My friend got a healthy portion of County Fried Chicken from the County General and insisting on sharing it. A light…

BC Blog! A Little Fine Dining at Locals

My BC family adventure took us to Locals. A beautiful heritagehouse with thriving flower gardens located right on the water.It has a vintage feel with stone walls and exposed beams;they also have a covered patio.
BC is very environmentally aware, even their restaurants. They source everything locally to, not only minimize the footprint, but the close the 'producer-consumer gap.' Their menu identifies where the ingredients came from. I don't know about you, but I like knowing who else I'm supporting when I eat at restaurant.
We started with drinks and apps. My Aunt and I split the Vegetarian Aloo Tikki($14)

BC Blog! Cuckoo for Cuckoo!

One of the culinary stops on my vacation to Vancouver Island was Cuckoo Trattoria in Coombs. It's a beautiful venue at the back of one of the many markets. Inside is large with high ceilings and white walls; very classy. The patio was surprisingly large and packed, but didn't feel crowded. This is the place to be! They offer pizza, pasta and even have gluten-free options. Can't choose? They've got a family style option as well. If you're looking for it, it's the restaurant behind the market with the goats on the roof. :P 
We started with some apps, Oysters in White Wine Sauce($14.99) and Bruschetta($8.99). Yum and Yum. The white wine sauce was fantastic; we were all scooping the sauce into the shell.! The focaccia was fresh and the bruschetta was tasty. A great start!
Time to carb load! My dad got the Pasta Primavera in tomato sauce($16.99), my uncle chose Lasagna($17.99), my aunt selected Linguine al Granchio($21.99) and I went with Cuckoo Pizza($16.50). All of …

Feeling Italian at Figo

A friend and I scoured some menus looking for a trendy, new spot when we found Figo. Who doesn't love Italian? We made a reservation and off we went. I made the reservation a week in advance and there was nothing available between 7 and 9pm! This place must be good. We went at 6:15pm and it was fairly empty, but by it was brimming with patrons. 
The cocktail menu is interesting. The flavour combinations were hard for me to imagine together. You just have to pick one that has a few ingredients you like and dive in. There were a few things I'd never had or heard of before..made me feel like I've lived a sheltered cocktail life. :P
The menu was small, but it was still hard to decide. It's nice to see restaurantsstick with what they're good at instead of offering lots of mediocre food. I went with the Gnocchi and my friend chose the Tortelli. So, when I say the service was fast, I mean FAST. We ordered, our server left and came back with food. These chefs were prepared f…