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CraveTO Slays at The Burroughes

What would festival season be without a rooftop patio? CraveTO starts off strong with another sick venue, The Burroughes. It has 2 levels, one inside and one on the rooftop. 
There was beer and food at every turn, 2 of my favourite things! My first stop was Hogtown for a delicious lagered ale. I brought my beer upto the rooftop and continued the tour. Upstairs you could visit Kaboom, get mixed drinks, grab a brew at Old Tomorrow and more! Below the rooftop you could get cider from Brickworks, and beer from Amsterdam and Nickel Brook. Hungry? Lots of choices! Freshly shucked oysters from Oyster Boy, Cheddar Chimney Stax from Chimney Stax and Heirloom's tacos were just a couple of the amazing foods available.
The DJs kept the party going. Great house and funky beats to keep the energy up, but not so loud that you couldn't talk. It was perfect!

Wild Things at Wild Burger

In a burger mood, I'd been hearing a lot about Wild Burger, but had not seen it. I'm in Whitby every weekend, how did I NOT know where this place was?! Tucked in the Landmark Theatre Complex on Consumers Drive, there it was. It's across from Glow in the Dark Mini Putt and beside Mongolian Grill. A rustic place; very clean with a cowboy feel. We are seated and took a gander at the menu. So many choices plus specials! Our server was super cheerful and a huge fan of the restaurant, not just because she works there. These are not your run of the mill burgers, these are gourmet. The combinations are incredible. Amazing spices, aiolis, chutneys, fried eggs, syrups, cheeses and veggies are just some of the toppings for their meats. 
Feeling like trying something new? This is the place to do it! Have you ever tried Elk, Kangaroo, Camel or Ostrich? They offer this and more with the most incredible combinations of toppings; you cannot resist. Not up for something new? They do have Chi…

Taste of Toronto Is Coming Up June 23-26!

Festival season is in full swing! Taste of Toronto is celebrating it's 13th year running from June 23-26 at Fort York. General Admission is only $19! They also offer other packages for private dining and American Express card holders. The currency is Crowns for food purchase which is loaded onto a card, so you don't have to dig around for cash, simply scan your card and EAT! To the food! This is the perfect opportunity to try restaurants you've either never heard of or never had a chance to visit. There are restaurants I've tried here for the first time and ended up visiting their restaurants after.Click here to see the line up. There is truly something for everyone!
Taste of Toronto offers lunch and dinner service giving you 4-5 hours to enjoy the festival. There are also many artisan booths, cooking demos, tastings, meet and greet and hands-on cooking classes with Toronto's best chefs. These are all on a first come, first serve basis. Don't miss out! Click here…

North American Craft Beer Experience

If you are reading this, does it mean you missed out on the North American Craft Beer Experience?! Tsk, tsk, you should know better. You missed out on the most chill, friendly and beerlicious festival I've ever been to. Read on...
Airship 37 is a smaller venue with fake grass, a giant chandelier and a bus. Upon arriving, you are greeted by a gentleman playing guitar; great vibe going in. Drink tickets were good for both drinks and food. There were 2 rooms, giant chandelier and Mexican themed shows on TV and the larger room with seating, beer and food. One rooms was more relaxed and the other was quite lively. Outside there was patio seating and a bus. It looks like a bus, but it's a motorhome with lots of cozy seating. If you've ever wanted to drink beer in the driver seat of a bus without getting arrested, this was your chance!
Being Cinqo de Mayo, there were tacos! There was Fish, Pulled Pork and a Veggie option. You got 2 tacos with lots of fresh toppings, guacamole, chee…