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Get Your Cluck On

While wandering about this great city, my friends and I were hungry. What did we want? Chicken and waffles, of course! We headed to the Esplanade and checked it out. 

It has lots of seating and a very entertaining menu. The menu plays off the common phrases, replacing the F-bomb with Cluck. Somehow I can't picture my Grandmother ordering the Mother Clucker, but that's just me. I went with Holy Cluck with Cluck Sauce and potato wedges(Combo $13.49). It was a boneless chicken breast served on a waffle with the sauce on the side. They aren't licensed, but they have a large fridge of pop, juice and water. 

Our group was 12 people, but the food didn't take too long. It was all hot and fresh. The chicken was juicy coated in a crispy batter, I didn't even need the waffle. The piece of chicken was big. The waffle was so fresh with just a hint of sweet which made these a match made in heaven causing me to go into an instant food coma. The Cluck Sauce is tart and tangy. I think this meal has hit every part of my tongue; no regrets! 

The service here was great. They're over all of the menu puns, but are not above laughing at your terrible jokes. There was a lady there, might have been the owner, that was very gracious and continuously apologizing for the wait. The food was brought out in batches which was no big deal. We were all talking and having a great time. The side dishes were big enough that if we REALLY couldn't wait, we could steal a few fries off someone else's tray. Heehee. 

I'd love to go back here. Chicken and waffles are excellent comfort food. 


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