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Feeling the Heat at La Sani Grill

I've had take out from their Scarborough location a few times, but I'd heard they opened a location in Ajax! I knew it was good, so my mom and I went to see what their dine in experience had to offer.
The lunch specials are cheap; how can you NOT go? $7.99 is the most expensive it gets on the lunch special menu available 11am-4pm. When we walked in on a Saturday afternoon, the staff seemed a little surprised; I guess they don't get many guests for lunch. It looked like most of the orders were for take out as there were no other dine in guests while we were there. The restaurant is pretty big and newly renovated, so it was a little awkward to be in there alone.
I went with the Boneless Chicken Biryani and my mom went with the Malai Tikka. The biryani was HUGE. The picture is not lying, the rice takes up the whole plate! There were chunks of tender chicken hidden in the flavourful, spicy rice. They were nice enough to leave a pitcher of water on the table. I needed it. My mom&…

Get Your Cluck On

While wandering about this great city, my friends and I were hungry. What did we want? Chicken and waffles, of course! We headed to the Esplanade and checked it out.
It has lots of seating and a very entertaining menu. The menu plays off the common phrases, replacing the F-bomb with Cluck. Somehow I can't picture my Grandmother ordering the Mother Clucker, but that's just me. I went with Holy Cluck with Cluck Sauce and potato wedges(Combo $13.49). It was a boneless chicken breast served on a waffle with the sauce on the side. They aren't licensed, but they have a large fridge of pop, juice and water. 
Our group was 12 people, but the food didn't take too long. It was all hot and fresh. The chicken was juicy coated in a crispy batter, I didn't even need the waffle. The piece of chicken was big. The waffle was so fresh with just a hint of sweet which made these a match made in heaven causing me to go into an instant food coma. The Cluck Sauce is tart and tangy. I think…

Kinton Ramen 5 - You're Taking the Leftovers Home

Making my way through the Kinka family of restaurants, I was invited to Kinton Ramen 5. Never having ramen at a restaurant, I thought it was just soup. Well....I was quote wrong.
This location is BUSY! Go early! Like the Kinka Izikaya locations, you are greeted by all of the staff when you arrive and when you leave. Noise level is loud, but you get used to it. Made me want to yell something too! We grabbed seats at the bar and got some delicious Sapporo. I ordered Gyoza to start and the Original Pork Ramen with thick noodles and the seasoned egg. My friend got the Hot Karaage and Spicy Garlic Pork Ramen with thick noodles and the seasoned egg. 
Are you noticing a trend on the seasoned egg? GET IT. It's surprisingly delicious, you won't regret it. I eat a lot of eggs at home and I would trade all of them for seasoned eggs from Kinton Ramen.