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First Taste of Korean @ Cho Sun Ok

Cho Sun Ok in Markham was my first taste of Korean food that wasn't called Korean BBQ. In a large group, as usual, we wanted a good variety of what they had to offer. We'd heard a lot about their soup, so off we went.
We chose 2 types of soup(Bul Nak Jeongul – seafood & Soondae Gook – pig organ sausage), a cold noodle slush and Dolsot bibimbap. 
Keeping in mind I'm the new kid on the block, everything was new to me(except the bibimbap). The cold noodles were bizarre; I've never had an entrĂ©e that was intentionally cold. The black noodles weirded me out a bit, unexpected. It was a new experience, but it was good! The noodles were tasty as well and the slushy broth. When you are eating a lot of spicy soup, having the cold noodle option was great.
The soups were actually too spicy for me. I'm a wuss, I know! If you're not someone that likes spicy food, this is not the place for you. Even the soups that had a lower heat rating were too hot for someone like me. All…

Takeout Tuesday - Mr. Mike's Pizza

Since, I can't go out for pizza EVERY DAY, I was on the hunt for a takeout place in Scarborough when I came across Mr. Mike's. It's located in a plaza on the northeast corner of Morningside & Kingston. They have a small delivery zone in the evening. The location isconvenient enough to pick up on your way home or, if you need to stop into a nearby grocery store, give them a call, so it's ready when you're done.
They've got a good variety of pizzas, toppings and extras. I've yet to try their extras, but they do look tempting. Mr. Mike's offers poutine, wings, sandwiches, suya  and salads. I hear the suya is insanely spicy! Whether you eat it or not, all of the meat is halal! Mike says it just tastes better!
I've ordered the Hawaiian, Veggie Deluxe and the BBQ Chicken Pizza. I can't wait to try more. The crust is light and tasty. The toppings are super fresh. I'm a HUGE Hawaiian fan and this is the BEST Hawaiian pizza I've ever had. That …

Pub Food at Pearson Pub

My friend and I had a hankering for pub food. Where to go? Looking for a new place to try, we came to Pearson Pub. This place has plenty of seating and a very large bar with TVs all over. They have daily food specials, live music and karaoke. It had your typical pub vibe, dark wooden furniture and walls, worn carpet, regulars perched at the bar; the usual. It was a lot bigger than I expected.(That's what she said, ya ya)
I went with the Fish & Chips and my friend got Wings with Sweet Chili sauce. The fish and chips came with 2 decent pieces of Haddock, coleslaw, tartar sauce and fries. There was a little more batter than I like, but it was still good. The coleslaw and fries were perfect; plentifulandcrunchy! She said the wings were good, a little kick, but not much. To me, it would've been hot as she is a spicy gal!
It wasn't until we were done eating that we noticed people coming back to the table with bowls of something. Turns out, there's complimentary soup in the…