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Gourmet Malaysia

Alright Scarborough, time to see what in town. 10 of my friends, and myself, ventured to Gourmet Malaysia for some family style eats. We ordered enough for an army, but we were up for the challenge! 

We ordered the dishes that were highly recommended online. We started with the roti and curry as well as many satays. It all went rather quickly. We understood why the chicken and beef satays were popular; tender, juicy and bursting with flavour! The roti was hot and fresh. There was more meat and sauce than there were roti, but isn't that the story of our lives?  

Next up was the Hainanese Chicken and Deep Fried Sambal Whole Fish. They were OK. The chicken didn't have a lot of flavour as it was steamed. It was juicy, but kinda blah. The whole fish was disappointing. It was so crispy that it was almost impossible to get any meat off of it. Definitely not worth $18.99. We feel a lot went to waste. 

Ikan Bakar(Banana Leaf Grilled Stingray) and Crispy Butter Prawns were next. The prawns were plentiful and piled high. They had the heads on, which freaks me out a bit, but the batter was good. The stingray was the shocker....it was delicious. It had the texture of chicken and the flavour of white fish. The sauce complimented it well. A few were not up for trying it, but that just meant more for me! :D 

The round tables had a lazy Susan making sharing easy. Each table had a call button so you could contact a server if you did not see one. That was handy! Wish more places had that! 

Service was good. Some things got lost in translation, but at the end of it all we were all full.  

I went there 1 other time to grab lunch. The lunch specials are not available if you're doing takeout. I ordered the Curry Beef. The portion was ok, no rice or anything with it. The beef was very fatty and full of gristle. I don't recommend it.

It was busy both times I was there, perhaps it's just me!


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