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Goodbye Guu, Hello Kinka Izakaya!

I was lucky enough to be invited to the grand re-openings of the hottest Japanese Tapas chain in the city, Kinka Izakaya. Formerly Guu, they've launched their 3 locations under the new name.
I attended 2/3 tastings, Bloor and Original. Both menus were similar, but each had its own twist. After checking out their website before going, I was happy to see that the exact same tasting I had, is actually a real thing on the partymenu! It's always a pain when it's 'special' for that event and you never see it again. Not this time!
The atmosphere at all Kinka Izakaya locations is enthusiastic to say the least. All of the staff yell a greeting when anyone arrives or leaves. It was startling at first, but then you get used to it and want to know what they're yelling so you can yell too! When we were leaving, we were not disappointed by our send off!

Pub Grub at Frosty John's

One of my Dad's favourite places in Bowmanville is Frosty John's. I'd heard about it, but hadn't had the chance to visit.
It's a large venue with lots of booths, tables and TVs. Many of the booths had their own TVs. You don't see that very often! There's even a patio in the summer and seating at the bar. I definitely didn't expect that from a restaurant located in a plaza. 
We were starving. It didn't take long for me to pick the Tex-Mex Burger with onion rings and my Dad went with the Chicken Pot Pie with coleslaw. He knew I'd be getting a pile of onion rings he could conveniently 'help' me out with and I definitely needed it. They were hot and crisp. Perfect! The burger was messy and awesome. This was not a frozen burger. I have a weakness for guacamole and it was good. A little kick went well with the salsa and crushed tortilla chips. It was one good burger. My plate was covered in rogue toppings by the time I was done. My Dad's pot…

Vacation Blog! Sonesta Great Bay, St. Maarten!

Sonesta Great Bay Resort & Spa, Philipsburg, St. Maarten
In need of some R&R, my mom and I headed south to St. Maarten. She had been before, but this was my first time there. I've always heard amazing things about it, so I had to see what it's all about. Also, being Dutch, I wanted to see how Dutch this place is.We learned that they cannot grow any food on the island, so everything is imported.
The drive was about 20min from the airport. We landed in the just before lunch so, our room wasn't ready when we arrived. We were given our bracelets and let loose at the buffet. This was probably the best buffet I've been to. Every day was different enough that you weren't bored and everything was tasty and fresh. There were 3 cooking stations and these were different every day. Each dinner, had a different theme, Mexican, Italian, etc. Don't feel like going to the buffet? Dress up a little and go to the a la carte restaurant. No reservations required, no maximum …