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App-tastic at Bier Market Don Mills

Out with some friends at Don Mills, we grabbed a table at the Bier Market to have some appetizers. Don Mills is a busy place! I was happy we got a table! A big, bright venue with lots of windows and smiling faces....or maybe it's just the beer talking.
The beer selection was staggering. I was glued to the menu trying to pick just one. They have every possible type of beer I could imagine and I wanted all of them! This is a great place to try something new and find a new favourite!
We decided to share some appetizers. We went with the Fresh Oysters, Pretzel Calamari and Candied Bacon & Potato Flatbread. The oysters were fantastic. So fresh! It came with 3 sauces plus lots of lemons. A great start! The calamari had no pretzel taste what so ever. As far as calamari goes, it was pretty standard, but it had no remnants of pretzel. The flatbread was delightful. Who doesn't love candied bacon?! It was full of great toppings. Lots of bacon, creme fraiche and soft potato. It was surp…

An Evening at the Market in Support of FoodShare

My Aunt and I attended an Evening at the Market supporting FoodShare. FoodShare is an amazing organization providing food and food education to promote healthy eating. A great cause! If that wasn't enough there were 2 celebrity chefs, Lynn Crawford & Lora Kirk, a silent auction, not to mention more culinary delights than you can fit in your belly.
I'd never been here before, so I didn't really know what to expect. It was more than I expected with a fantastic variety of shops. My Aunt loves this place, so she insisted on stopping by a few specific places. Each shop was offered a sampling of what they either sell or what you can make with their goods. 

There was everything from kangaroo sliders to freshly shucked oysters to cheese fondue to chocolate covered bananas. It was a serious feast! I had no idea this place was so well known. Places like Whitehouse Meats,

Pizza Partay @ Pizza Libretto on University

We had a very large group; 3 tables worth! Unfortunately, we could only get 2 of the tables near each other, but we worked it out to have everyone together. It's a beautiful venue, large windows, high ceilings and comfy booths. As a bonus, they were have featured pizzas that goes towards the MealShare program. Added bonus: this place has pizzas certified authentic by Italy. Let's do this!

The server was very friendly and knowledgeable about, not only the food, but the certification by Italy and what it means. We ordered the Buttermilk Fried Calamari and I chose the Ontario Prosciutto pizza  my entrĂ©e. The calamari was pretty good! Not chewy and the batter was crispy and little addicting. It came with a red pepper almond sauce that was to die for. I wanted to dip everything in it.
The pizza was exactly as advertised; super thin pizza with a fluffy crust and