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Party at Parts & Labour

Parts & Labour
1566 Queen St W
Toronto, ON

My friends at Zomato and Dillon's Distillery hosted a party at Parts & Labour for us to try their food and famous cocktails. Chantal, the General Manager of P&L, demonstrated her fantastic bartending abilities and how easy it is to make cocktails with Dillon's. My favourite was called A Summer's End, made with Dillon's Cherry Gin. So tasty! 

We had the opportunity to try some dishes P&L had to offer, so let's get to the food. The first course was appetizers, Steak Tartare, Salmon Crudo and Pig Tails. The steak was not like a tartare I'd ever had before; rather than it being in patty form and seasoned, it was mixed with the pickled carrot and charred jalapeno peppers. I had no idea it was the Steak Tartare when it arrived at the table. It was delightful. I think the masking of it being raw beef helped, but it was rich and flavourful. 

The Salmon Crudo was intense! I didn't realize it had seranno peppers in it and took a huge bite. Holy crap! Glad they had large bottles of water on the table! Being I'm not great with heat, I didn't enjoy this dish. I love salmon, but I couldn't taste anything but the heat of the peppers. Others loved it. Guess I'll have to keep working on my heat threshold. *sigh* 

My favourite was Pig Tails! Confused when it arrived, we were hungry enough to figure it out. We grabbed a scallion pancake, put some pork and marinated, grilled red cabbage in it and dove in. The pork was ground and in a patty seasoned to perfection. The cabbage gave this great crunch to the softness of the pancake. Mmmm. I definitely finished off what was left on the plate. No regrets! I'd get this again and again. 

Next was a course of veggies done in the best ways ever. I've decided that Roasted Baby Carrots should always be served with ricotta; the apple cider gastrique and caraway crumbs were just a bonus. We may or may not have tried to stab each other for the last one. The Roasted Cauliflower was ok. There was almost too much going on with the sunchoke chips, ricotta, and salsa verde. My favourite was the Grilled Broccolini. MMMM!! Broccoli with black sesame, pecorino and a fried egg on top. Whoever thought of this deserves a hug. I definitely finished this one off while the others were fighting for carrots. Teehee. 

Meat time! Served up next was the P&L Burger and Fried Chicken. The burger was great! Fresh toppings and super juicy. I love me a burger and this hit the spot. The Fried Chicken was alright, not special, but still good. 

Sadly, the night was running late and I couldn't stay for the rest. It was a busy night, but the courses were coming out a little slow. I've read many good things about what I missed and this gives me an excuse to go back. Hell, I'll take that Broccolini and one of P&L's signature cocktails with Dillon's and I'll be a happy camper! 


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