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MealSurfers - Home Cooking Without the Cooking

As we get busier and busier, we like to cut out some activities, like cooking, but how do we do it and stay healthy? This is where MealSurfers comes in. 

Mealsurfers is a platform where you can order food from independent chefs. You get the taste and health benefits from fresh, home cooked food without the preservatives. These chefs cook with only the ingredients they serve their own families. Sounds good to me! 

All chefs are interviewed and they try the food, of course. They must complete an extensive questionnaire; not just anyone can become a MealSurfer chef! There is a bio and menu on each chefs page. Take a look and see what you're in the mood for. You can communicate with the chefs after ordering and ask questions about ingredients, pick up location, etc. 

I had the opportunity to attend their tasting. Four chefs presented a sampling of what you can get through MealSurfers. Four chefs were there with samplings of their culinary treats: Alan, Saffana, Sabrina and Cecilia. There was a variety of foods to try from Canadian to Middle Eastern to Fusion. It was fantastic! 

One of the first things I tried was Bruschetta with fresh tomatoes and grated parm on French loaf. Can't go wrong! Tomatoes were flavourful and the bread was the perfect bite size. Next I tried the Beef Flatbreads, white or whole wheat, with a delicious yogurt on the size. The flatbreads were good, but after trying the yogurt, I dipped everything after in it. 

Next I gave Mint Pea Soup a try. I've never had pea soup that tasted like peas! It was great. You could tell the ingredients were fresh. The mint was a surprise, a nice contrast. My next taste was Empanadas. They reminded me of pizza rolls, but with a better crust. A bowl of Beet Hummus came out and I fell in love. It was fabulous. 

Time for dessert! Crème Brulee was served up fresh. The custard was cool and light, the sugar was just burnt giving the whole dish a sweet, smokey flavour. There were also 3 kinds of Japanese Cake. It reminded me of a denser angel food cake. There was green tea, vanilla and chocolate. The flavours were natural and not full of sugar. I would use this instead of angel food cake! 

The founders of MealSurfers made their way around to talk to everyone at the event. They were all great people. They weren't being pushy or sales-y, just excited about the launch and getting the word out about their snazzy new service. 

As someone with not a lot of time to cook, but wants to eat healthy, this is way better than takeout! Order today! 


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