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Home of Hot Taste = Hot Mess

Home of Hot Taste 
710 Yonge St 
Toronto, ON 

Group of 8 made reservations to try their Korean Fried Chicken. Luckily, we all looked online ahead of time to make our picks. When we looked at the physical menu at the restaurant, we found the online version much easier; it had more pictures and no crossed out corrections, but not everything was available. The table was ready when we arrived though. Let's eat! 

Once the whole group was ready, we ordered all at once. Being new to this venue, many of us had questions about spice level and size of orders, but the server was not able to give us an answer really. I got a small order of boneless, plain KFC and a bowl of Pork Bone Soup. Some ordered 1 dish some ordered 2. They definitely didn't all arrive at the same time. We got our first batch and the second batch didn't arrive for half an hour and not everyone got what they ordered. I've never had this happen in all of the restaurants I've been to. One late dish ok, but half? No effort to correct an error? Really? 

The Pork Bone Soup was good, but it was mostly broth. There was only 1 piece of potato in it. I was sad. It was seasoned like Pork Bone Soup should be, but I wish it has been a bigger bowl so I could've had more veggies in with the giant bone. The KFC was alright. The order was a decent size. The batter was crisp, but not special. The chicken was juicy and tender. I expected it to be memorable, but it just wasn't. 

Service was almost non-existent. You shouldn't have to flag down a server for everything and I mean everything, water, bills, etc. We waited for well over half an hour after receiving our bills for someone to take the payment, but it wasn't until we flagged down someone did they tell us that you had to pay at the back, no portable machine. That would've been nice to know when we got the bills.  

They've got a lot of work to do! 


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