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Party at Parts & Labour

Parts & Labour 1566 Queen St W Toronto, ON 416-588-7750
My friends at Zomato and Dillon's Distillery hosted a party at Parts & Labour for us to try their food and famous cocktails. Chantal, the General Manager of P&L, demonstrated her fantastic bartending abilities and how easy it is to make cocktails with Dillon's.My favourite was called A Summer's End, made with Dillon's Cherry Gin. So tasty!
We had the opportunity to try some dishes P&L had to offer, so let's get to the food. The first course was appetizers, Steak Tartare, Salmon Crudo and Pig Tails. The steak was not like a tartare I'd ever had before; rather than it being in patty form and seasoned, it was mixed with the pickled carrot and charred jal

MealSurfers - Home Cooking Without the Cooking

As we get busier and busier, we like to cut out some activities, like cooking, but how do we do it and stay healthy? This is where MealSurfers comes in.
Mealsurfers is a platform where you can order food from independent chefs. You get the taste and health benefits from fresh, home cooked food without the preservatives. These chefs cook with only the ingredients they serve their own families. Sounds good to me!
All chefs are interviewed and they try the food, of course. They must complete an extensive questionnaire; not just anyone can become a MealSurfer chef! There is a bio and menu on each chefs page. Take a look and see what you're in the mood for

Home of Hot Taste = Hot Mess

Home of Hot Taste 710 Yonge St Toronto, ON 416-975-0000
Group of 8 made reservations to try their Korean Fried Chicken. Luckily, we all looked online ahead of time to make our picks. When we looked at the physical menu at the restaurant, we found the online version much easier; it had more pictures and no crossed out corrections, but not everything was available. The table was ready when we arrived though. Let's eat!