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A Lady's View of The Gentlemen's Expo 2015

Gentlemen's Expo 2015 

If was my first time at this even; I'd never been as it IS called the "Gentlemen's" Expo, so I never considered it. Glad I went! It definitely wasn't what I expected. The website does not lie! In order to get a guy's perspective, I brought my friend, Lory, so I could get a guy's perspective. 

We grabbed some drink tokens and off we went! Stopped by the Shock Top booth for a refreshment as we started our walk. First thing we saw was a lot of booths related to beards. A lot. I like the emphasis on male grooming considering what us ladies have to go through. There were booths with, not only beard products, but beard grooming. Let me tell you, there were a lot of good looking beards at the show. Me-ow. 

Now to mfavourite subject: Beer! There was a great selection of beer, from the international brewers, like Guinness, to local breweries, like Waterloo and Side Launch. It was 1 token for 1 small cup, but they sneak up on you. They were perfectly spaced apart, so when you finished your cup, the next beverage was not far. In addition to beer, there were quite a few booths for spirits, which I expected, but also wineries, which I didn't expect. Keep it classy, guys! 

One thing I thought there would be more of was food. They had 2 food trucks, Food Dudes and Hank's, as well as a couple booths, but that was it. Food was one of the main categories on the event, so I expected it to be more represented. Not complaining, Hank's was delicious! Can't go wrong with a Pulled Pork Parfait. Mmmm. 

They had a many physical events at the show. You could jump off a high tower onto a large inflated mat. Looked like fun! There was also a speed competition for the fastest tennis ball it. You could also take a virtual soccer penalty kick or play archery tag. If you're not into sports, they had foosball tables, pool tables and snooker tables. There was always something to do or watch..or someone to meet! There were also celebrities there signing autographs! Exciting!

The main stage was a lot of fun. The hypnotist, Chris Jones, had everyone in stitches. He was great! We loved that the people he had hypnotized ended up making him laugh. I'd love to see him again. After his set, DMC was on stage for an interview and performance. A great, energy filled show! The crowd was loving it! 

The Cooking Stage was busy! Throughout the weekend there were interactive classes on burgers, salad, pulled pork and food pairing with beer. If there was no room on the stage, there were overhead cameras and 2 large TVs showing the audience what was going on. The Gentlemen's Classroom was more of what I expected the event to be about. You could stop in for classes on personal grooming, scotch, beer and sex. Every time I walked by the classroom, it was packed!  

There were also many clothing vendors. Need a Maple Leafs onesie? They had it. There were booths brimming with comfy clothes, sportswear, outdoorwear and of course, hats. We stopped by the Thank You Toronto booth. Lory knew about them and wanted to support their cause. A portion of every purchase goes to a great cause, such as Toronto area shelters and Toronto Humane Society. Why support a big sports team just to wear Toronto. when you can support Toronto and look good doing it? Go to ThankYouToronto.com for more info. 

This event was a lot of fun. Sorry guys, but I'll probably be back. The vibe was great, the vendors were great, the beards were great and the shows were awesome. Don't miss out on this; I better see you there next year! 


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