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A Lady's View of The Gentlemen's Expo 2015

Gentlemen's Expo 2015
If was my first time at this even; I'd never been as it IS called the "Gentlemen's" Expo, so I never considered it. Glad I went! It definitely wasn't what I expected. The website does not lie! In order to get a guy's perspective, I brought my friend, Lory, so I could get a guy's perspective.
We grabbed some drink tokens and off we went! Stopped by the Shock Top booth for a refreshment as we started our walk. First thing we saw was a lot of booths related to beards. A lot. I like the emphasis on male grooming considering what us ladies have to go through. There were booths with, not only beard products, but beard grooming. Let me tell you, there were a lot of good looking beards at the show. Me-ow.
Now to my favourite subject: Beer! There was a great selection of beer, from the international brewers, like Guinness, to local breweries, like Waterloo and Side Launch. It was 1 token for 1 small cup, but they sneak up on you. They were p…

Berry Hill is Berry Freakin' Good

Berry Hill Food Company 82 King St W Oshawa, ON 905-240-9055
For my birthday lunch, I chose Berry Hill. I've been hearing a lot of good things and was dying to try it out. I heard they are big on supporting local, so let's see what they've got!
Off to downtown Oshawa, my friend didn't even know it was there. Small and bright, The kitchen takes most of the space inside, but they also have a cozy patio. When you first walk in you are immediately staring at their baked goods on display, taking a mental note of what you want for dessert, if you have room.

Toronto Food & Wine Festival - An Organic Experience

The Toronto Food & Wine Festival tested the waters at a new venue, Evergreen Brickworks. Needless to say the entire show had a completely different vibe than the year before at the MTCC. I was there on Sunday and the weather was perfect for the event!
This year, there was a much better variety of food and beverages. There was everything from ice cream to ice wine to farm-to-table to apple beer. New technology took the place of the paper tickets used last year. Your wristband or plastic pass could be loaded up with cash and then scanned by vendors. They really stepped it up!
Upon arriving we were bombarded by....bread! Ace Bakery and Churn84 were both at the entrance waiting. Churn84 had fresh bread and creamy butter for you to sample. It was THE richest butter I'd ever tried. They also had a booth inside where you could buy it. Mmmmm.
We grabbed our empty glasses and hit the floor. Samples everywhere! We barely knew where to start. My aunt selected my first glass from the Wines o…

Quinn's Steakhouse, It's Steak-tastic

Quinn's Steakhouse & Irish Bar The Sheraton Centre 96 Richmond St W Toronto, ON 416-367-8466
Quinn’s Steakhouse is located in the heart of downtown. It’s a large establishment to suit groups of all sizes. We had a group of 7, but only made a reservation for 5 and they were able to accommodate us. It was a weekday, so they weren’t as busy, not sure if they could do it on a weekend. We were there for Summerlicious (another late review, I know!) and we were hungry after the long drive downtown. It had an upscale feel in a pub atmosphere. Comfortable booths and chairs, cloth napkins with walls and floors of dark stained wood. Fancy!
We started with the cold Watermelon & Charred Ontario Sungold Tomato Soup. Cold soups always weird me out, so I wasn’t sure how a cold, fruit soup was going to go. It was surprisingly good. A few members of my group didn’t like it, but most of us did. It wasn’t as sweet as you