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Scotland Yard - Not Your Average Pub

Scotland Yard
56 The Esplanade
Toronto, ON

After an amazing Jay's game, my friend and I took to the streets in search of food when we ended up on the Esplanade. Heard lots about this place; its gotta have something good, right? 

It was a hot one, while patios looked inviting, we sought out some sweet, sweet A/C. The Esplanade has a lot of choice, so it wasn't as easy decision, but the Scotland Yard looked like it had good food and cold beer. We're in! 

Cold beer, being the first thing on our minds, was what came out first. Decent beer selection, good mix of local, domestic and imports. We both got our favourites, so we were off to a good start.  

They had a lot of good choices! I was impressed it wasn't only the usual suspects found at a pub. They had crowd favourites and gastropub eats. I'm liking this so far. She chose the Turkey Club and I went with Yard Mac. 

This was not a small sandwich. The pic is terrible, I know, but the amount of turkey on this was impressive. Fresh bun, toppings and freshly cooked slices of bacon made this sandwich one she'd order again.   

The Yard Mac had a whole bunch of things I love, but in mac and cheese form. Neat! Roasted red peppers, pulled pork, spinach, red onion, parmesan sauce and BBQ sauce drizzle. Every bite was completely different. It was great. There was a lot of flavour and comfort in this dish. It definitely put me into a food coma. It comes with garlic toast, but with the amount of Yard Mac, I didn't even touch them. 

Service was pretty good. Most of the people were on the patio, but they didn't forget about us inside enjoying the A/C. 

I'd love to come back; there's more than one item on that menu I'd love to try. 


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