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Olde Stone Cottage Pub - I Shall Return

The Olde Stone Cottage Pub & Patio 
3750 Kingston Rd 
Scarborough, ON 
New to town, this is a place that stood out when driving to and from work. In the midst of plazas and car lots, stands a beautiful, stone cottage. I couldn't resist! 

They have a large parking lot and patio. On the outside and inside, there are plaques giving you the history of the place. Both floors boast a large fireplace. The loft is also available to be rented for private parties. This place is bigger than you think! 

Being a huge fan of Fish Tacos, that was my pick. My dad was feeling spicy and went with the Curry Chicken. Our server said those were 2 of the most popular dishes on the menu. Perfect! 

I've had good and bad fish tacos in my day and I was excited to see how these would stack up. Barely held together with toothpicks, the lightly battered haddock was drizzled with salsa. I've had my face melted by fish tacos before and was a little worried. The salsa had a sweet spice to them that really let the flavours of the haddock come through. 

My dad made quick work of the Curry Chicken. The coconut milk mellowed out the curry just enough that you knew it was there. It was an ample about of veggies and chicken and lots of sauce for the accompanying basmati. Both of these had the perfect portions, enough to fill you up and clean your plate! 

Service was great. My dad is chatty and none of the wait staff ran away. They were all knowledgeable about the food and the cottage, which was nice.  

Glad I live close, so I can go back again!


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