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Scotland Yard - Not Your Average Pub

Scotland Yard
56 The Esplanade
Toronto, ON

After an amazing Jay's game, my friend and I took to the streets in search of food when we ended up on the Esplanade. Heard lots about this place; its gotta have something good, right?
It was a hot one, while patios looked inviting, we sought out some sweet, sweet A/C. The Esplanade has a lot of choice, so it wasn't as easy decision, but the Scotland Yard looked like it had good food and cold beer. We're in!

Cold beer, being the first thing on our minds, was what came out first. Decent beer selection, good mix of local, domestic and imports. We both got our favourites, so we were off to a good start. 
They had a lot of good choices! I was impressed it wasn't only the usual suspects found at a pub. They had crowd favourites and gastropub eats. I'm liking this so far. She chose the Turkey Club and I went with Yard Mac.

Olde Stone Cottage Pub - I Shall Return

The Olde Stone Cottage Pub & Patio 3750 Kingston Rd Scarborough, ON 416-265-7932
New to town, this is a place that stood out when driving to and from work. In the midst of plazas and car lots, stands a beautiful, stone cottage. I couldn't resist!
They have a large parking lot and patio. On the outside and inside, there are plaques giving you the history of the place. Both floors boast a large fireplace. The loft is also available to be rented for private parties. This place is bigger than you think!

Singing the Praises of SongCook's

Time to get my feet wet and try Korean cuisine! SongCook's boasts Authentic Korean dishes with both regular table seating and low traditional tables where you sit on the floor. The menu is extensive and we were all new. Where to start?!
We started by asking our server. We had a lot of questions which caught the attention of the manager, Dale. He quickly jumped in to help us choose the right dishes and not too many for our group. We started with a Korean drink, Soju. We got a bottle of Wine Soju and Chamisul Soju. Soju is a Korean Rice alcohol. The Wine Soju is VQA and made in Ontario. Who knew? It tasted like white wine with a twist. A delightful drink to have with dinner. Soju straight is much like vodka, but not quite. It's quite strong! SongCook has a large variety of Soju for you to try.
After all of us reading reviews, there were a few things we needed to try. The first one on the list was Pork Bone Soup. The server brought a burner to our table to keep the heaping pot of s…

The Vault

The Vault Gastropub 102 Brock St S Whitby, ON L1N4J8 905-493-5600