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Hot Eats at Hot Rocks

Hot Rocks 
728 Anderson St 
Whitby, ON L1N3V6 

It's an odd name, I know, but as soon as you walk in, you realize why: there's a large, stone pizza oven behind the bar. Mystery solved! Time to go home. 


My aunts and I went out for dinner and dessert. We've been here for fam jams before and we keep coming back. The service and quality of food has not changed, even though the ownership has changed. This place has a great atmosphere; great for a date or a girls night. 

We started with the Curry Chicken Nachos. As expected, it was piled high with multi-coloured tortilla chips and oodles of toppings. There were toppings throughout, not just on top. The chicken gave a surprise kick when it was hidden amongst the delicious mole sauce, scallions and cheese. The guacamole and bruschetta made this the best nachos ever. I'd come back just for these. 

They tried the Orzo, Pork Belly Special, Curry Chicken Linguine, Chicken/Sausage/Shrimp and I went with the Atlantic Salmon. It was exactly what we expected: Perfection. Each dish was flavourful with a twist. I've always loved that they'll mix ingredients I'd never put together and it's fantastic. The pasta dishes were HUGE and there was no shortage of meat and veggies. The aunt that had the Curry Chicken Linguine kept trying to share it. The aunt that tried the Pork Belly didn't realize how fatty it would be, but soon discovered why I almost ordered It: moist and full of flavour. My salmon was good and flaky, but it could've been a little bigger. I'm a saucy gal and I would've liked more of the lemon-horseradish yogurt. Mmmm. All of the accompanying veggies were fresh and cooked perfectly. The specials are always something that will try to steal you away from with you've already picked from the menu. 

Their wine menu isn't huge, but they have everything you need, from local to imports. They have some delightful in house cocktails as well, but they're a little pricy. Their beer menu could use a little love, but did have 1 craft beer on tap when I was there and I hope they get more in the future.  

Even with a change in management, this place has remained the same: Dang good. I was worried when I found out who their sister restaurant is, but my worries have been put to rest. The service is professional and efficient and the food is excellent. I just hope they can keep this level of satisfaction. I've been seeing a lot of negative reviews since the new management came in....hope this isn't a trend! Fingers crossed!

If you want consistency, you go to Hot Rocks. 


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