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Hobart's: Peterborough's Place for Steak

Hobart's Steakhouse
139 Hunter St W
Peterborough, ON

The family and I headed to Peterborough for my Grandpa's birthday. He said he had a place in mind that he'd heard good things about and that's how we found ourselves at Hobart's.

Not a lot of parking as it is downtown. Street parking is minimal, but since we were there on the weekend we parked at the bank nearby. I don't go to Peterborough often enough to suggest where to park, but I did see quite a few people get dropped off at the door and the gracious driver was left alone to find parking.

Our server was Carrie and she was fantastic. When my grandpa claimed to be 40 years old, she went with it. She matched our enthusiasm and sarcasm without going too far. She was like a ninja clearing plates and refilling water glasses before you could even look for her. The manager came by and we sung her praises to him as well. He visited each table to ensure everything was to their liking. He didn't hesitate to clear empty plates either!

It being a steakhouse, we all ordered beef. My mom ordered the Filet Mignon, my grandpa and his lady chose the Family Roast Beef Dinner, my step-dad went with the Top Sirloin Steak and so did I. Everyone's meal came with a starter salad; I'd read that the Orange & Almond salad was the one to get and I'm passing that recommendation on to you: Get it!

Our entrees arrived hot and smelled fantastic. Each of us that ordered steak, had a little sign on it to say how it was cooked. The plates themselves were hot and kept your food warm to the last bite. The steak melted in your mouth and the seasoning didn't overpower the taste of the meat. It reminded me of Montreal Steak Spice, but better. We were all impress by the tenderness and seasoning of the steaks. The veggies were plentiful and the potatoes were a hit in every form(mashed, roasted and double baked). My grandpa and his lovely lady enjoyed their roast beef dinners. The beef was slow cooked and smothered in beef gravy. MmMmm. He cleaned his plate and started on his lady's plate when she was full.

This dessert menu was a tough one. My step-dad and I decided to share the Chocolate Lava Cake since everyone else was full. To our surprise, they gave my grandpa a piece of their Cajun-Style Cheesecake with a sparkler to celebrate. The cake was freshly 'baked' to order with hot fudge & cherries throughout. The cake was light which was nice after so much food. The cheesecake was serious. The Jack Daniels caramel is what sets this dessert apart. I'd get it again.

Overall, this was a excellent experience for such a special occasion. We all left full and happy.


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