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2015 Toronto Festival of Beer!

Beautiful weather screams beer, so off we went to the Toronto Festival of Beer. It was hot but the grounds had plenty of shade and lots to do. 

The larger breweries all had their own patio and bands playing. It was great! Each one had their own sound, vibe and brew. Others had games and top 40 tunes to keep the crowd moving. Beer pong with garbage pails and volleyballs was a popular game this year. Makes me want to get some garbage pails for some summer fun! 

There were so many kinds of beer, we didn't know where to start. We were at the Sleeman Media Lounge, so we started there. I got some Beechwood Smoked Lager and my friend tried Lift. The lager was supposed to taste like bacon, but the smokey flavours came right through. Lift is made with coconut water and my friend really liked it. It's light and refreshing.  

We couldn't resist some old favourites, like Fruli, Brickworks Cider, Erdinger Weissbrau. We searched for some new favourites as well. The Shwa boys at UnderDogs had All or Nothing Hopfenweisse on tap and we are glad they did. This was a crisp, smooth beer with a dash of sweetness. This is a beer I could drink a lot of. For our next taste test we headed over to Flying Monkeys. I had some Mojito Belgian Whit and she tried the Beer Lemonade. Both were good but the lemonade one was awesome! It has summer written all over it. 

Do you enjoy cooking with beer? There were Brewmasters Sessions with famous local chefs and brewers. They'll teach you a thing or two about beer, including how to cook, pair and brew your own beer! A great way to enjoy this drink even more! 

They had a variety of tours to get yourself out there. There were dietary tours to try the hottest gluten free beers, a ladies tour and an Irish tour. If you weren't already glued to the Irish Pavilion, you have no excuse! While we enjoyed the Irish band we also enjoyed an Irish brew from O'Hara's. Similar to Guinness in texture, but that's where the similarities end. This stout had distinct coffee and liquorice notes. A great beer! 

Food food food! SO much food! If only we could've eaten everything! (We tried!) We started with Hot Bunzz. It was a huge, fresh, hot bun stuffed with Wild Boar and topped with stewed pear(I think). The meat was tender and full of flavour; the sweet topping was just what it needed. So filling, but it was just what we needed in between beer samplings. 

Next we tried a good ol' Grilled Ham & Cheese. It was alright, the cheese could've been gooey-er, but it was fresh! Then it was time for Rock Lobster! We had some Lobster Perogies and a Jerk Shrimp Roll. The perogies were regular cheese ones, but it was the sauce that made them special. I promptly took my Shrimp Roll and dipped it in the sauce. #lobstergasm 

The finale of our food was a burger from South St. Burger. It was a nice, thick, juicy burger with tasty, fresh toppings. It wasn't greasy at all! I'd never eaten at a South St. Burger before and I think I might see what else that have; this has peaked my interest. 

What an amazing day and an amazing festival! Everyone was entertained and happy. There was plenty of seating, music, games and freebees! You really can't ask for more. There was more beer and food than one could try in a day and that's not a bad thing! 

No question, I'll be there next year. 


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